Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More critical acclaim for Toyland (421 H St), H Street

Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema shares his enthusiasm for all the new spots on H Street in his online chat today. Tom is especially excited about Toyland's cocktails.
Tom Sietsema: Funny. I strolled by [soon-to-open Biergarten Haus] just last night. The space looks very impressive.

I'm digging what's going on in the Atlas District these days. I lost track of the number of places I'm eager to check out.

Hot Tip Du Jour: My fave new bar is a place called Toyland on H St. NE. It's not very big, but it brims with early-60s charm and the clientele is refreshingly mixed: bikers, thirtysomethings, groups of ladies, gay guys, blacks, whites, Asians ... Plus, the drinks are GREAT and not too expensive. Four of us popped in not long ago and got a round of fun for $35. Go, go, go (but not all at once, please.)

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