Friday, April 16, 2010

Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Assn Spring Cleanup: Tomorrow 10-1

The Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Association (CHNNA) Cleanup will be from 10 AM - 1 PM on April 17th, starting from the M Street entrance of the Metro at 10 AM. The CHNNA boundaries are from the railroad tracks to 8th, and from Florida to G.

Teams will be divided as follows. (We will need a captain for each of these nine groups - please email Tony Goodman at if you'd like to do this - we'll be meeting at 9:45 at the Metro entrance.)

* Half the Volunteers start on 3rd Street, and then split into groups:
Team L) Turn onto Abbey and then turn left onto L Street
Team K) Turn onto K Street
Team I) Turn onto I Street
Team G) Turn onto G Street
* Half the Volunteers start on M Street, and then split into groups:
Team 4th) Turn onto 4th Street
Team 5th) Turn onto 5th Street
Team 6th) Turn onto 6th Street
Team 7th) Turn onto 6th to clean Orleans & Morton before turning onto 7th
Team 8th) Continue to the end of M, down Florida, to 8th

To help improve our tree boxes, there will be a stump grinder available as well as large ladders for removing plastic bags from tree branches. Phone numbers for these will be provided. In addition, we will have some pickup trucks driving around moving bags to consolidated locations for DPW pickup.

DPW will be picking up the bagged trash from the following locations:
* 3rd/M - SW Corner
* 3rd/G - SW Corner
* 4th/M - NW Corner
* 4th/I - SW Corner
* 7th/G - SW Corner
* 7th/K - NW Corner

To help get everyone started in the morning, stop by Pound (2nd & N NE -- the ATF building) for a free cup of coffee, or 25% off on lattes and food before 10 o'clock. Just mention that you're there for the CHNNA Cleanup. Thanks so much for all of your support, and we look forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning!

Tony Goodman, CHNNA Steering Committee
Phone: 734-330-4832

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  1. Thank you everyone for coming out for the Spring Cleanup today! We had dozens of people from the neighborhood, filling up countless bags with all sorts of trash!

    A special thanks to the NoMA BID & Gospel Rescue Ministries for all of their hard work; Sundance Contracting for providing gloves, bags and water; Frager's for the big ladders we used to pull plastic bags out of trees, and of course Pound for helping get us started with their great coffee!

    I hope everyone is enjoying the newly clean streets. Let's hope they stay that way for a while!