Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar (1104 H St)

-Gorgeous renovated, interestingly decorated interior
-Awesome bottled beer list with U.S. micro brew focus
-Very friendly bartenders who make a point of learning your name and introducing you to others
-Good (if limited) food options weeknight's until 10 pm, usually including a soup and a handful of sandwich options which come hot off the grill.
-Various popular entertainment options including DJs, trivia night, karaoke, whiskey tastings, etc
-Convenient location at 11th and H St for the many customers who live to the west of the main H Street entertainment district

-No wines at all. Why not keep at least one bottle of white on hand for nonbeer drinkers?
-Cool, unaltered rowhouse front does not improve the appearance of the cooridor -- maybe a fresh coat of paint would help even if they wont hang a sign?


  1. Don't think they are doing food anymore. Just not enough demand.

  2. are they still cash only?

  3. I've ordered wine there before, about 3 weeks ago.

  4. the only con i can think of is that i'm not able to spend more of my life in that wonderful place.

  5. Amy? Are you the same Amy I met a few weeks ago at Little Miss Whiskeys? Brown hair? Bangs? Stomped like you wanted to put a hole in the floor? You were with that blonde girl. I had the horn rimmed glasses. And you commented on my Chucks. Do you still have my number? Give me a call. Lets get a drink.
    -Chuck Stomper

  6. Yeah, are you that amy? The one that drives the 2002 honda civic with the license plate that starts with 4R2-? I would have gotten the rest but your car pulled away so fast. I tried to facebook stalk you, but alas...

  7. They are still doing food. Ryan from the Queen Vic will be grilling out back tonight.

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