Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Link roundup

UrbanDaddy has this piece on this cool new cocktail at SOVA.  SOVA has always had some of the very best cocktails on H Street and has a great nightly happy hour and bluegrass on Thursdays. 

Capitol Bop followed up on the news that esteemed jazz venue HR-57 is moving the 816 H Street in January with reports that they are also looking to open a blues venue on H Street.  City Paper has a followup piece with a picture of the facade and says its a better space than it appears from the photo.

BBC swings through the neighborhood and concludes that H Street is heating up.

The Examiner ran a nice minireview of the Atlas Room (1015 H St).  Tasting Table is wowed by their cocktails from Chris Surrusco, calling his Mai Tai the city's best.  We'll be back soon to try it.  The drink features his homemade orgeat syrup and cinamon and pepper rum.  Surrosco also makes his own grenadine. 

Greater Greater Washington is collecting signatures to petition Mayor Gray to keep current DC officials Department of Transporation Director Gabe Klein and Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning.

THIH notes that Hill School Information night is tomorrow at Eastern Market.

WBJ's Mike Neibauer notes that NoMa has not set aside any park space in its development plans and that Tommy Wells is working to address that.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Link roundup

Brightest Young Things has this great behind the scenes look at Dangerously Delicious Pies with pictures which will make you want pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

DC UrbanTurf talks about solar panels on a condo near H Street.

Frozen Tropics rounds up a lot of love for War of the Worlds which is being performed at the H Street Playhouse (1365 H St) through November 28.

DC Life Magazine has this interview with Granville Moore's Chef Teddy Folkman.

CHAMPS posted the winners of the 2nd Annual HILLY Awards.  H Street had several winners.  Congratulations to Best Tavern; the Argonaut, Best Arts Business, the Atlas Performing Arts Center; to Best Retailer, Metro Mutts; and to Julia Robey Christian and the others at CHAMPS who organized a great event.  Also congratulations to Granville Moores and Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill, runners up for Best Restaurant and Best Service Provider, respectively.    

The City Paper broke the news that HR-57 -- one of the area's premire jazz venues -- is relocating to H Street, near 9th Street, in January.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chuck's Wagon BBQ closing, hopes to reopen in new H St location

Chuck's Wagon BBQ is closing the 650 H St location.  The owner left us this comment explaining that the move was due a dispute with the landlord and that he hoped to reopen on H Street again soon.  Here's hoping that is the case. 
Due to irreconcilable differences with our leaseholder, Chuck's Wagon BBQ has decided to close it's H street location. We really appreciate the warm welcome from our customers and the neighborhood. We especially loved the great feedback - even the negative. CWBBQ hopes to return to H Street in the near future. See you soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

CP: HR-57 bringing world-class jazz to 9th & H

The City Paper has this great news that HR-57 -- one of the Washington area's very best jazz venues -- will relocate to H Street from its location on 14th St NW in January.  The story says the new location will be at 9th & H, though it does not identify the exact address.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reminder: Last H St Freshfarm Market of the season today until noon

Today is the last H Street Farmers' Market until it reopens in the Spring.  There are a couple special events of note to mark the occassion and the upcoming holiday:

Red Apron Butchery will be at market selling its delicious cured meat products and will be giving away cooked hotdogs to customers and there will be sauerkraut on hand as well. Red Apron will be joined by Copper Pot, who makes artisanal jams and wonderful hand made pastas.

The Market is also conducting an end-of-season Thanksgiving food drive to benefit DC's needy families. Consider bringing a few cans or dry items in your reusable bags or a few extra dollars to donate or purchase items at the market for those in need this holiday season!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Big night for H Street at the Hillys

H Street did well at tonight's Hillys. 

Congratulations to

The Argonaut: The Best Tavern on the Hill
Toyland: Runner Up for Best Tavern
The Atlas Performing Arts Center: The Best Arts Business on the Hill
Metro Mutts: The Best Retailer on the Hill
Granville Moore's: Runner Up for Best Restaurant
Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill: Runner Up for Best Service Provider

The Hillys are tonight at 8 p.m. Congratulations to all the H Street nominees:

H Street was heavily nominated for this year's Hillys Awards after not coming in first or second for any awards at the inaugural event last year.  It's been a great year for Capitol Hill and H Street businesses and we continue to have more and better options, so it will be fun to see who this year's winners are.  Hopefully at least one or two of H Street's finest will receive the honors tonight.  Here's a list of the contenders nominated from H Street:

Best Restaurant:
Dr. Granville Moore’s
Best Service Provider:
Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill
Best Retailer:
Metro Mutts
Best Bar/Tavern:
Best Cafe/Coffee Shop:
Best Arts Business:
Atlas Performing Arts Center
Joy of Motion
Aesthetic Answers

Best New Business:
Liberty Tree
Metro Mutts

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick notes from yesterday's Streetcar hearing

Marion Barry devoted his opening statement to calling for the streetcar plan to be abandoned in favor of paving alleys in Ward 8. 
ANC6A Commissioner Drew Ronneberg testified in support of the streetcar plan on H Street and Benning Road, noting the havoc that current construction and poor transit options have caused to date and the promise of great economic development that the new line will provide.  

ANC6A Commissioner David Holmes reiterated the long work of community groups to advocate for streetcars on H Street and Benning Road and emphasized that the community and H Street businesses are counting on seeing the streetcars running at the end of the difficult and long construction period.

Several neighborhood residents also testified in support as did one woman who is looking to buy a home near H Street with her husband and baby-to-be, but who is public transportation-dependent and does not feel she can buy along the eastern end of H Street until she knows that funding for the streetcar line is secure.  She explained that with the streetcars, H Street become an attractive family-friendly place to live as eastern market and other parts of Capitol Hill have become over the course of time.

Greater Greater Washington's David Alpert testified passionately and particularly persuasively about the importance of streetcars not only to the H Street Corridor and neighborhood but to the District overall.

Tommy Wells broke from his streetcar talking points to share his love of the H Street neighborhood and said that he thought the H Street Festival was "the best street festival in all of Washington . . . and a tremendous asset to the entire neighborhood."

DDOT said they are putting out a Request For Proposals to provide wireless (without overhead wires) streetcars to run on H Street when technologically feasible. 

The tone of the hearing varied over the course of time and other Coucilmembers who attended seemed interested in getting streetcar lines running through their Wards, but there was little to not criticism of the plan DDOT prepared and submitted, so hopefully the Council will move to authorize the continued progress with the H Street line soon.   

Last chance to catch the H Street Farmers' Market

This weekend is the last weekend for the H Street Farmers' Market until it reopens in the Spring.  There are a couple special events of note to mark the occassion and the upcoming holiday:

Red Apron Butchery will be at market selling its delicious cured meat products and will be giving away cooked hotdogs to customers and there will be sauerkraut on hand as well.  Red Apron will be joined by Copper Pot, who makes artisanal jams and wonderful hand made pastas.  Both vendors were new every other week participants in this year's market.  
The Market is also working with a local church on a end-of-season Thanksgiving food drive to benefit DC's needy families (per below).  Consider bringing a few cans or dry items in your reusable bags this weekend or bring a few extra dollars to donate or purchase items at the market for those in need this holiday season! 

Lost Yorkie on 9th St

On Sunday, 11/14, we lost our Yorkie. His name is Baxter, and he's a 1.5 year old Yorkie, slightly larger than most (12 lbs), quite scared and skittish, and generally likes to hide under and behind things. He was staying with some friends for the weekend and bolted out, and was last seen on 9th and A St SE running north.

I was hoping that you could post something our blog so that folks can keep a look out for our little guy. I've created an online flyer that you can use:


Thank you so much!

If you see him around, please pick him up. Since he is afraid, he might have a tendency to run away if you approach him. The best thing to do is to crouch down and call his name. If you pick him up or see him, please give me a call at 571.213.7335.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WP's @TomSietsema loves Ethiopic, but has new favorite on H St... @atlasroom ?

Tom Sietsema reiterates his opinion that Ethiopic (401 H St) is the DC's best Ethiopian Restaurant in his online chat earlier today.  He also drops a hint that he's found a new favorite place to dine on H Street, which he will be previewing with a "First Bite" column in a few weeks.  Sounds like Tom enjoyed his early visits to The Atlas Room (1015 H St) as much as we did! 

I just want to give a big shout out to Ethiopic. Over the weekend, my husband and I went there for the first time after reading so many positive reviews. Our food was taking an especially long time, and they ended up bringing out my entree (the vegetarian sampler) first so that we could at least begin to eat. Even after my entree came out delayed, it was nearly another 30 minutes before my husband's entree was ready. The waitress apologized multiple times, and though we were somewhat annoyed, we were also famished and the food was amazing (best Ethiopian I've had in the city, hands down!). However, when our waitress stopped by our table to give us one last status update that my husband's entree should be out in 2 minutes, she also told us that because of the backup in the kitchen and subsequent delay, they weren't charging us for his entree. We definitely weren't expecting anything free - we did eventually get our food and fully enjoyed it when it arrived. But it was definitely above and beyond, and we tipped generously to show our gratitude. Bottom line - I highly recommend Ethiopic for the food AND commitment to service!
A. Tom Sietsema writes:
I agree: Ethiopic, despite a few service snafus, is the best Ethiopian playing in the city right now. And up until very recently, it was my favorite place to eat in the ever-expanding scene on H St. NE. (Stay tuned for my First Bite column on Dec. 8 in Food.)
– November 17, 2010 11:03 AM

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reminder: Important Streetcar Hearing tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Reminder that an important hearing to review DDOT's recently detailed plans and to authorize the use of the funds to implement streetcars on H Street will occur tomorrow.  If you are interested in testifying, please contact Ms. April Hawkins-Mason by email at ahawkinsmason@dccouncil.us or telephone at (202) 724-8195 to be added to the witness list prior to 5 p.m. today. 

Hearing: Streetcar Project Comprehensive Plan Approval Resolution
When: Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Where: Room 120 in the Wilson Building, 1350 Penn Ave NW
What: A public hearing on the DDOT Streetcar Plan. DDOT released its updated version on its overall Streetcar Plan for DC, including many specifics for the H Street and Benning Road line. The plan details DDOT's plans for the design, construction and operation of the system and covers topics such as operations, safety, fare collection, and funding. The hearing is to get feedback on DDOT’s plan.

Link to DDOT submitted plan: http://ddot.dc.gov/DC/DDOT/On+Your+Street/Mass+Transit+in+DC/DC+Streetcar/System+Plan+October+2010

Link to summary of hearing notice: http://streetcars4dc.org/?p=253

Link roundup

DCMud has this piece on the planned mixed use development for 1113-1117 H Street.
They follow up with this piece announcing that this Spring will kick off a big year of H Street's resurgence noting a host of development that will begin to happen then. 

Frozen Tropics has the news that SOVA is finally launching their "bar snacks" menu of cheese, charcuterie, olives, dates, almonds, gherkins, soups, salads, bruschettas, and more.  It looks awesome and means H Street's best happy hour just got a lot more attractive.

The Washington City Paper checks out Ethiopic (401 H St) and concludes what everyone else has: "With the exception of maybe Meskerem, Ethiopic offers the best Ethiopian I've tried."  We wholeheartedly agree and join the City Paper in highly recommending the raw kifto.

California Castaway interviews Smith Commons Managing Parner Miles Gray.  Gray shares his passion for craft microbrews and his hopes to have Smith Commons open at 1245 H Street in December.

Tommy Wells announced that he will be back with his monthly H Street office hours this Thursday at SOVA, from 8 - 9:30 a.m. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

@AtlasRoom (1015 H St) is now open

The Atlas Room is now open at 1015 H Street.  Stop by for a bite, a drink, or a full meal. 

They will open nightly at 5 p.m. and are closed Mondays.

Streetcars Update & request for testimony

DC Council will hold its next hearing on streetcars on Wednesday, November 17, at 2:00 p.m. The purpose of the hearing is to review DDOT's recent streetcar plan and to pass a resolution in support of it. This is the next step in freeing the otherwise approved funding to implement streetcars on H Street. Streetcar supporters are encouraged to testify by the Streetcars 4 DC Coalition.

If you are interested in testifying, you may be added to the public witness list by contacting Ms. April Hawkins-Mason by email at ahawkinsmason@dccouncil.us or telephone at (202) 724-8195 no later than Monday, November 15 at 5:00 p.m. and request to be added to the witness list. Individuals will be given three minutes to present oral testimony, and individuals representing organizations will be given five minutes. Witnesses should bring 16 copies of their written testimony to the hearing.

Those who are unable to testify in person may submit written testimony for the official hearing record by sending it to Ms. Hawkins-Mason by email at ahawkinsmason@dccouncil.us or telephone at (202) 724-8195 no later than Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.

If you have never testified at a DC Council committee hearing and/or would like advice about how to testify, there will be a testimony prep session with information about the hearing process and one-on-one assistance to help you feel confident about testifying on Tuesday, November 16 at 6:00 pm, at SOVA - Espresso & Wine (1359 H St).  It is not necessary to attend this session to testify. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Atlas Room opens tomorrow

The Atlas Room (1015 H St) will open its doors tomorrow at 5:00.  They are eager to welcome neighborhood residents then.

The place looks great and the offerings we previewed recently were delicious.  Chris Surrusco (from the opening era of Granville Moore's) is behind the bar with a great classic cocktail list and Chef/Proprietor Matt Cordes, and Executive Chef Bobby Beard have very impressive backgrounds with collective experience with DC dining greats including Citronelle, Vidalia, Olives, Pesce, Vermillion, Bob Kinkead's Colvin Run, Evening Star, and Gerard's Place.  The concept is neighborhood accessible with each item available in three sizes: personal, appetizer, or main plate, so they hope to suit every appetite and budget and to do extensive neighborhood service.

For more on the Atlas Room, its check out our previous post.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Giant deal complete for 3rd & H, groundbreaking for Steuart Development this Spring

Great news from Councilmember Tommy Wells.  The expected deal with Giant to anchor the new Steuart Development at 3rd & H Street NE is complete and groundbreaking on the new residential mixed use building will occur this Spring with the store expected to open within two years.  This should help spur construction at other coming development sites, including the 200 block of H, the 600 block of H, and the recently approved redevelopment of the H Street Connection between 8th & 10th Sts.  Press releases from Councilmember Wells and Steuart Development follow.

H Development Announces Agreement to Bring Giant Store to Corridor

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells shared news today that Giant grocery stores and Steuart Investment Company have signed a lease to bring the grocer to the 3rd and H Street NE redevelopment project. "This is a great next step in the revitalization of the H Street Corridor,” stated Wells.

He added, “I’m excited that Giant has been exploring more urban and transit-oriented store designs and I’m eager to see Steuart and Giant deliver on a vision that embraces the new streetcar and the proximity to Union Station. The new grocer will encompass approximately 41,000 square feet of first floor retail space, and the overall development will include additional street-level retail space and 215 housing units, including 18 affordable units.

"Much like we’ve seen with other grocers in Ward 6, these stores not only bring new shopping choices for a neighborhood, but they are also job generators that draw heavily from the immediate area,” noted Wells.

According to the development team, a groundbreaking may take place as early as this spring and based on the current development plan, the new Giant will be open for business during the first quarter of 2013.

November 2, 2010
Guy Steuart

360º H Street Advances Another Step Closer to Reality
A mixed-use project slated for development at the intersection of 3rd and H Streets, NE in Washington, DC has advanced one step closer to reality this week with the signing of a long-term anchor lease by Landover, Md-based Giant Food. The project, called 360º H Street, is a nearly 290,000-square-foot, LEED certified development by Steuart Investment Company and features street-level retail topped by 215 first-class rental units. Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc. of Silver Spring is the architect.
The 360º H Street development is a part of the massive revitalization of the entire H Street, NE corridor that has been underway, in earnest, since 2002. The 61,000-square-foot site is a collection of real estate parcels, some of which have been owned by Steuart for many years, assembled to create one, contiguous development site. The retail portion of the development will encompass 43,000 square feet, to include the 41,200-square-foot Giant Food, as well as a 1,500-square-foot retail bay on the east end of the site. Additionally, the development will include two floors of subterranean parking, with one floor, or 125 spaces, reserved for retail customers. Construction is slated to begin next spring.

The new Giant at 360º H Street will be a full-service and convenience-oriented store, featuring a wide variety of freshly-prepared meal options, in addition to the normal selection of grocery items. The entrance to the store will be situated directly at the corner of 3rd and H Streets, with easy accessibility from the Union Station Metro, as well as a stop on the new DC Streetcar line, scheduled to be in operation in 2012. This will be Giant’s first store in the H Street corridor.  Based on the current development plan, the 360º H Street Giant will be open for business during the first quarter of 2013.

We could not be more pleased that Giant has committed to anchor this development,” said Guy Steuart, president of Steuart Investment Company. “Our vision for 360º H Street is one of ‘convenient urban living’, and with Giant we’ve partnered with a grocer embracing smart development and top-quality customer service, too. The future on-site residents, as well as those in the surrounding neighborhood, will benefit greatly from the accessibility of this grocery store.” JBG Rosenfeld Retail’s Bob Schwenger represented Steuart in the deal with Giant.

The residential component of 360º H Street features five floors of studio, one-bedroom, one-bedroom plus den, and two-bedroom units, including 18 affordable units distributed throughout the project. Each of the units will include an island kitchen, approximately nine-foot ceilings throughout, hardwood floors, and either a balcony or terrace, to name just a few of the details. Community amenities include an internal courtyard above the grocery store, a fitness club and community room with access to the courtyard, as well as a rooftop terrace and 145 spaces of resident-only parking below the development. Steuart anticipates the first residents moving in during the spring of 2013.

New exhibit opening at Evolve, Saturday 5-8 p.m.

Evolve Urban Arts Project presents Into the Quietude: Lisa Rosenstein and James Halloran November 13, 2010 - January 8, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, Nov. 13, 5-8pm
Quietude: The state of being quiet; tranquility; calmness; stillness

Just in time for the busy holiday season, The Evolve Urban Arts Project is proud to announce our upcoming exhibition Into the Quietude featuring painter James Halloran and mixed-media artist Lisa Rosenstein. While utilizing differing mediums and approaches to the application on paint on canvas, both artists strive to create works that elicitquiet contemplation from the viewer.

Rosenstein works in a world of void of colors. In her work she, "yearns for the Beginning; the place where all is calmness and nothing matters but to breathe." White pigments on white canvas strip the work of superfluous elements that distract us from journeying inward to a sense of stillness. Her spare color palette and use of simple found materials as stand-ins for traditional narrative elements force the viewer to focus on the shadows, light, texture and depth within each piece.

Similarly, Halloran's landscapes, or "private meditations", are stripped of minute details, forcing the viewer to focus on just the essential elements of nature. These landscapes, rendered almost abstractly, turn urban landmarks into anonymous "planes of light and value". Far from the serene, Halloran's quiet works evoke a hint of anxiety. Human beings are noticeably absent from the works, creating a silence that Halloran describes as deafening. Featured in this exhibition will be both preparatory charcoal drawings and finished works, giving the viewer a glimpse into his artistic process. Halloran, a 2010 finalist for the Bethesda Painting Awards, received a BFA from the University of Buffalo in 2005.

Into the Quietude runs through January 8th, 2011. The Project space is located in the Pierce School Lofts at 1375 Maryland Avenue, NE, in the H Street Arts and Entertainment District. Hours for the Project are:

Mondays through Thursdays: 1-5pm
Fridays: 1-7pm
Saturdays: 11am -2pm

Chuck's Wagon BBQ (650 H St NE)

Chuck's Wagon BBQ opened up a couple months ago at 650 H St.  When they first opened they were only open on weekends, but this WP review from today's Food Section says they are now open daily for lunch as well.  It sounds great, but we've yet to try it. 

Chuck's Wagon BBQ 650 H St. NE, Washington, DC 20002 202-391-0741

As more people migrate to the slowly percolating Atlas District for its burgeoning bar scene and still-reasonable rents, Charles Smith hopes his pulled pork, ribs, brisket and chicken will give them further reason to come.

He owns the newly opened Chuck's Wagon BBQ on H Street NE, and his meats are all dry-rubbed 24 hours before he smokes them. The smell alone will lure you in.

Smith is one friendly guy, but don't even try to ask about his recipes, which he holds close. He and his wife, Stephanie, both born and raised in Maryland by mothers who encouraged them to cook, were known among their friends for their barbecue and were often told they should start a catering business. They did so in 2005 in their home town of Bowie, still maintaining their full-time jobs at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving and at the Goverment Printing Office, respectively.

Smith found the H Street location through a friend. For the first few weeks, it was open on Fridays and Saturdays only, but now it runs six days a week, with plans to let the neighborhood rhythm ultimately dictate the hours.

Lunch is definitely on, and that is a good time to order the pulled pork, either as a sandwich with coleslaw ($6) or by the pound ($11). The meat is full of intense flavor and not fatty. Ditto for the chopped brisket ($7 as a sandwich; $9 as a dinner with two sides; $14 per pound), which is slightly drier than the pork.

Even the breast on the smoked chicken is moist, but we preferred the legs and thighs for their richness ($6 as a sandwich; $8 as a two-piece dinner with two sides; $10 for a whole bird).

The mantra here is "we don't sauce our ribs, because we don't have anything to hide." And those ribs are good, if a little sparse on the meat ($8 as a dinner with two sides; $19 for a full rack). As for the accompanying sauce, we appreciated the not-too-sweet, straightforward barbecue and wished we had also tried the North Carolina-style and spicy variations.

Our favorite sides were the creamy, crisp-edged macaroni and cheese and the collard greens flavored with smoked turkey instead of ham hock. The potato salad tasted pleasantly of vinegar, and the spuds were soft yet not mushy (each side is $2 for eight ounces; $4 per pound).

Smith's cousin, Joy Boddie, makes the sweets. We gobbled up her chewy oatmeal raisin cookies ($2 each), which were the only desserts available on our visit. Other popular treats in her rotation: red velvet cupcakes ($3 each) and pound cake ($2 per slice).

Also on offer are chili ($5 for eight ounces) and Honeybees: individual loaf-shaped pieces of kernel-studded corn bread baked with honey butter (two pieces come with one bowl of chili; extras cost 50 cents apiece). We came on an off-day for those items, too. But when Smith enticingly declared, "I believe we have the best chili in Washington!," we were wholly persuaded to return.

-Catherine Zuckerman (Good to Go, Nov. 10, 2010)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

H Street Connection Redevelopment moving ahead

Last night, the DC Zoning Commission approved the PUD (Planned Unit Development) for the redevelopment of the H Street Connection (south side of H Street between 8th & 10th Sts).  This will be the biggest and likely the best of a series of coming development projects on H Street. 

Dear Neighbors,

The redevelopment of the H Street Connection was finally approved at last night's Zoning Commission meeting. 

ANC 6A has worked with the developer for the past 3 years to create a building that would anchor the 8th and H corner and spur the redevelopment of the central part of the H Street Corridor.  The new building will bring over 50,000 square feet of retail space and over 300 new residential units to the H Street Corridor.  In addition, the building was designed to fit into the architectural fabric of H Street, and read as eight separate buildings rather than a single monolithic structure. 

Although construction on this project will not begin for at least another 2 years, the Zoning Commission's approval of this project means that it has cleared its most significant regulatory hurdle.  With the approval of this project, the completion of the streetscape in 2011, and the arrival of the Streetcar in 2012, the future is bright for H Street.

To learn more about the project:

Views of the new building: http://dcmud.blogspot.com/2010/03/h-street-goes-big.html
ANC 6A's letter of support which outlines the project's community benefits:  http://anc6a.org/HStConnectionPUDsprt.pdf

Best regards,

Drew Ronneberg, ANC Commissioner 6A02
Phone: 202-431-4305
Please visit our website - www.anc6a.org

Link roundup

Prince of Petworth says he "freaking love[s]" Star and Shamrock and asks what others think of it.

Frozen Tropics has some photos of the newly painted Argonaut and a robust debate in the comments about whether the new shade of gray is an improvement over its distinctive green predecessor.  We liked the green too, but rest assured that the Argonaut is going to be better than ever when it reopens. 

The Hill is Home featured local business Aesthetic Answers.

Thrillist has a nice picture of the bar and a few details about the cocktail and wine programs at the Atlas Room, which will open to the public this week at 1015 H Street.

Groupon has half off certificates to the Langston Bar and Grille (1831 Benning Rd).

DCBOEE posted unofficial election results in local races.  Tommy Wells was overwhelmingly re-elected with 85% of the vote in Ward 6 where 1 in 3 voters wrote in a candidate for Mayor.  In ANC races, congratulations go to new commissioners Adam Healy (6A01) and Andrew Hysell (6A06) who will join Drew Ronneberg (6A02) in representing the eastern end of H Street.  ANC6A will also have two more new commissioners: Sharee Lawler (6A05) and Lia Veenendaal-Selck (6A08).

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 10 Community meeting re: development of 1113-1117 H Street

The Deputy Mayor Office for Planning and Economic Development has organized a meeting to discuss the "surplussing" of the 1113-1117 H Street NE parcel so that can be sold to a private developer.  The developer, who was selected in a competitive process in 2007, will be at the meeting and have design concept available for viewing.

Neighbors have expressed concerns regarding the poor condition of the alley behind the site, and we are working to get DDOT representative at the meeting who can address these concerns.

The meeting will take place at 7pm at Sherwood Recreation Center (640 10th St NE) in the second floor meeting room.

If you have any questions or concerns, and are not able to attend the meeting, you can contact me at 202 431-4305 or ronneberg6a02@gmail.com

Best regards,

Drew Ronneberg, ANC Commissioner 6A02
Phone: 202-431-4305
Please visit our website - www.anc6a.org

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Neighborhood Soft Opening at the Atlas Room (1015 H St)

The Atlas Room will be soft open for neighborhood residents tonight with doors opening at 6 p.m. The full menu will not yet be available, but the kitchen will be serving a partial menu until 10 p.m. and the full bar with cocktails, wine, and beer will be available. They expect to open fully this week if all goes well.

Chris Surrusco who you may remember from the opening era of Granville Moore's is the bartender, cocktail master, and resident beer connesoisseur. Prior to opening Granville Moore's, Surrusco previously worked at Rustico and Old Dominion Brewery, and more recently worked at Marvin.

For more on the Atlas Room, its proprietor and chef Matt Cordes, and Executive Chef Bobby Beard, check out our previous post. Both chefs have very impressive backgrounds, between them with experience at DC greats including Citronelle, Olives, Pesce, Vermillion, Kinkead's, Evening Star, and Gerard's Place.

Friday, November 5, 2010

This weekend at the H Street FreshFarm Market

H STREET FRESHFARM MARKET --  Saturdays, 9 am to noon (625 H St)

Farmers and Producers at Market:

Atwaters Bakery, Blueberry Hill Farm, Cedarbrook, Dangeroulsy Delicious Pies, Keswick Creamery, Quaker Valley Orchards, Richfield Farm.

Garden Path Farm is taking holiday turkey orders!

Dolcezza Gelata, Red Apron Butchery, and Copper Pot are at market this Saturday!

At market this week: First Saturday at H Street: Customers will be served hot cider and scones. Enjoy the food the live music!

Red Palace opening show tomorrow

The first show on the new Red Palace (1212 H St) stage will be this Saturday, November 6th - the Dangerously Delicious Pies: 8th Annual Pie and Rock-n-Roll Extravaganza. Door open at 8, show starts at 9, $10 cover.

For more information and to purchase tickets in advance go to www.redandblackbar.com

Weekend Arts roundup

Two Art Openings on Saturday November 6

Over on H Street, CITY Gallery opens Geoff Ault’s “Running with Scissors” from 6 - 9 p.m.  Ault’s digitally manipulated photographs seek to defy conventional wisdom by going against the grain of traditional photography.  CITY Gallery is located at 804 H ST NE, second floor.
A few blocks away, do not miss Industry Gallery’s opening of “din-din” by Jerry Mischak from 6 - 8 p.m..  Mischak’s work evokes memories of grand dinners by wrapping commonly used tableware in plastic tape.  Industry Gallery is located at 1358 Florida Avenue NE, second floor.

Via Phil Hutinet, Editor-in-Chief of East City Art.  Learn more about East City Art on Facebook  or follow them on Twitter

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Booking a holiday party? WP recs H Street

The Washington Post recommends a few spots for where to book your holiday party.  Included on their list are Little Miss Whiskey's upstairs room or back patio and some of the rooms upstairs at the Rock and Roll Hotel.  The upstairs space at Toyland is another great option for a holiday party or any private event. 

Chef Collabaration Beer Dinner @GranvilleMoores Tues. Nov. 9

A great Beer Dinner is coming up at Granville Moores, but it will sell out quickly, so be sure to make your reservations soon.

Chef Collaboration Beer Dinner

The Saint Louis Brewery, makers of the great Schlafly Beers, Executive Chef of the Schlafly Tap Room Andy White will be working in unison with DC Beer-Loving Chef (and DC Beer Week Co-Founder) Teddy Folkman.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 – 6:30pm

Schlafly Brewing Company Executive Chef Andy White teams up with Chef Teddy Folkman for a Four Course, Six Plate dinner.  $70/Person

Happy Half Hour featuring Schlafy Kolsch APA
An American Pale Ale with a hearty dose of hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. We add hops directly into the finished beer to boost the fresh, fruity flavor and aroma of American hops.
IBU: 50

Cured Sturgeon, Early Citrus, Celery Root, Micro Celery
Fried Buffalo Style Pacu Ribs with Feta Dipping Sauce

Biere de Garde
A bottle-conditioned, French farmhouse-style ale. The name refers to the beer's ability to improve with age and if you choose to age this ale, the tart fruitiness from the yeast and the sweet maltiness from the grains will meld together nicely for several years at cellar temperatures. (Available in bottles only)
IBU: 25

Charcutterie including Foie Gras Tourchon, Pork Rillette, Aged Blue Cheese, Quick Pickled Veg, Spiced Dates, Warmed Cranberries, Toast Points

Christmas Ale
A full-bodied amber ale to spice up the holidays. ‘Tis the season to enjoy this rich and flavorful ale made with orange peel, cloves and spicy hops. Also available in bottles.

Crisp Ozark Forest Chanterelles, Oxtail Barley, Mustard Green Emulsion
Smoked Beef Short Ribs, Parsnip Puree, Sauteed Kale, Christmas Ale BBQ

Coffee Stout
This collaboration with Kaldi's Coffee uses the cold toddy method of extraction for the coffee. We mix it with Oatmeal Stout for an exceptionally delicious beer.
OG: 14
IBU: 40

Missouri Black Walnut Short Bread, Blue Cheese Sabayon, Belgian Chocolate Stout Pudding

Call Granville Moore's to make your reservation (202) 399-2546

Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Assn Meeting Saturday at 10 a.m.

This Saturday, November 6th at 10 AM the Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Association (CHNNA) will be holding its next general meeting at Two Rivers Elementary School at 1227 4th Street NE.

Featured speakers will be Scott Kubly and Sandy Castor from DDOT, who will be on hand to discuss the new streetcar line under construction on H Street, as well as the future proposed line on 8th and Florida that will also serve our neighborhood. Other topics will include reports and discussion on our efforts to secure land for parks in Near Northeast, as well as public safety information from Doug Klein of the US Attorneys Office, and other news items.

Tony Goodman
CHNNA Steering Committee

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Link roundup

Today is election day in DC.  If you haven't already early voted in the general election, make sure to find time to get to the polls today.

Prince of Petworth has photographs of the Totem Poles temporary exhibit on the 300 block of H Street, where a new residential building with a Giant on the ground floor will eventually rise.

East City Art had this piece on the H Street Arts District, which also ran in the October Hill Rag.

CityBizlist covered the groundbreaking for the Flats at the Atlas (1600 Maryland).  DC UrbanTurf has a few more details on the project and its expected impact on the H Street Corridor.  DCmud has some of the interior designs and they look very nice -- some units will have Capitol views.

The City Paper is impressed with their first experience with the Dangerously Delicious DC Pie Truck.

TBD follows up on DC's failure to get Philadelphia Water Ice to remove a wooden box from public space.

The Red Palace (the combined rebirth of the Red and the Black and the Palace of Wonders) proudly (fully re-) opens Saturday.  Urban Daddy has some details.

CHAMPS announced that voting for the Hilly Awards ends on Thursday.  Cast your ballot now -- lots of H Street's finest have been nominated.  The Awards will be announced on November 19, at Eastern Market's North Hall.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Election information: ANC endorsements and more

H Street area voters have a variety of competitive elections on Tuesday's ballot.  HSGS wont be endorsing candidates, but if you are uncertain about how to vote: here is some information about the candidates and endorsements from others.  The Hill is Home has done a great job gathering statements from almost all of these candidates, which you can find here.  They are also hosting an informal candidates meet and greet tonight at Top of the Hill (319 Pennsylvania Ave SE) from 7 - 9 p.m.

H Street Area Competitive ANC races

ANC6A01 (north of H St, east of 7th St)
-Adam Healy (endorsed by Greater Greater Washington, member ANC6A Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee)
-Lawrence "Russ" Russell (endorsed by outgoing ANC Raphael Marshall)
-Angelina Rice

ANC6A05 (south of H St, 10th to 16th, between E St and C St)
-Sharee Lawler (endorsed by Tommy Wells, fmr ANC Chair Joe Fengler, ANC Drew Ronneberg, fmr ANC Cody Rice, Greater Greater Washington, member ANC6A Economic Development and Zoning Committee)
-Will Mohring (works for Fenty Administration coordinating neighborhood services)

ANC6A07 (Rosedale)
-Nikki Bowens (Rosedale Citizens Alliance President, endorsed by Greater Greater Washington)
-Gladys Mack (current Commissioner)

-Jennifer Zatkowski (mother of DCPS student & local business owner)
-Brian Cox (young new resident)
-Tony Richardson (current Commissioner)
Note: Greater Greater Washington opted not to endorse the incumbent or a challenger in this race)

-Lisa White (endorsed by Tommy Wells and Greater Greater Washington, Kingman Park Community Gardens)
-Veronica Raglin (current Commissioner)

ANC5B (these candidates have all been endorsed by both Frozen Tropics and Greater Greater Washington)

ANC 5B06: Thalia Wiggins
ANC 5B07: Laura Casperson
ANC 5B08: Tina Laskaris
ANC 5B10: Camille Tucker

Ward 6 Board of Education:

-Monica Warren-Jones (endorsed by Tommy Wells, the Washington Post, outgoing Education Board member Lisa Raymond, and ANC6A Commissioners David Holmes and Nick Alberti)
-Melissa Rohan (has run an impressive and well-organized campaign and is endorsed by various ANC Commissioners, including Bill Schulteiss and Gladys Mack)