Monday, November 1, 2010

Election information: ANC endorsements and more

H Street area voters have a variety of competitive elections on Tuesday's ballot.  HSGS wont be endorsing candidates, but if you are uncertain about how to vote: here is some information about the candidates and endorsements from others.  The Hill is Home has done a great job gathering statements from almost all of these candidates, which you can find here.  They are also hosting an informal candidates meet and greet tonight at Top of the Hill (319 Pennsylvania Ave SE) from 7 - 9 p.m.

H Street Area Competitive ANC races

ANC6A01 (north of H St, east of 7th St)
-Adam Healy (endorsed by Greater Greater Washington, member ANC6A Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee)
-Lawrence "Russ" Russell (endorsed by outgoing ANC Raphael Marshall)
-Angelina Rice

ANC6A05 (south of H St, 10th to 16th, between E St and C St)
-Sharee Lawler (endorsed by Tommy Wells, fmr ANC Chair Joe Fengler, ANC Drew Ronneberg, fmr ANC Cody Rice, Greater Greater Washington, member ANC6A Economic Development and Zoning Committee)
-Will Mohring (works for Fenty Administration coordinating neighborhood services)

ANC6A07 (Rosedale)
-Nikki Bowens (Rosedale Citizens Alliance President, endorsed by Greater Greater Washington)
-Gladys Mack (current Commissioner)

-Jennifer Zatkowski (mother of DCPS student & local business owner)
-Brian Cox (young new resident)
-Tony Richardson (current Commissioner)
Note: Greater Greater Washington opted not to endorse the incumbent or a challenger in this race)

-Lisa White (endorsed by Tommy Wells and Greater Greater Washington, Kingman Park Community Gardens)
-Veronica Raglin (current Commissioner)

ANC5B (these candidates have all been endorsed by both Frozen Tropics and Greater Greater Washington)

ANC 5B06: Thalia Wiggins
ANC 5B07: Laura Casperson
ANC 5B08: Tina Laskaris
ANC 5B10: Camille Tucker

Ward 6 Board of Education:

-Monica Warren-Jones (endorsed by Tommy Wells, the Washington Post, outgoing Education Board member Lisa Raymond, and ANC6A Commissioners David Holmes and Nick Alberti)
-Melissa Rohan (has run an impressive and well-organized campaign and is endorsed by various ANC Commissioners, including Bill Schulteiss and Gladys Mack)

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