Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Greek restaurant coming to 1220 H Street this summer

There are now plans to open a Greek Mezze restaurant (small plates served tapas style) at 1220 H Street this summer. The owner is a DC area native who comes from a large Greek family and who is very excited about the rapidly growing H Street dining scene. The restaurant name is yet TBD, but it will fill the first and second floors of the building for dining and house a large kitchen in the basement. The address is currently vacant, but is largely renovated, so you should look for it to open some time this summer. This should be a welcome addition on the 1200 block for the throngs of Granville Moore's and Sticky Rice fans who don't have the patience to wait in line for those popular H Street eateries on busy weekend nights.

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  1. DC area native who comes from a large Greek family..."Komi" part 2? In mezze?