Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ward 6 Dems Mayoral Forum & Endorsement

The Ward 6 Democrats Mayoral Forum was packed with nearly 400 votes cast, but ended in no endorsement in the Mayoral primary. Vince Gray was mixed on streetcars. Fenty criticized him for pulling funding for them "in the dark of night" and Gray claimed he supported them, but was for more planning and was concerned about where and how the cars would turn around. Gray also refused to commit to retaining Michelle Rhee as Schools Chancellor or Cathy Lanier as Chief of Police, which did not endear him to the crowd, espcially the many young parents in attendance. Fenty criticized Gray for criticizing everything he's ever done, but showing up at all of his ribbon cuttings to join in taking credit for various new parks, developments, etc.

Fenty focusing on results, referenced the Eastern Market fire and swift rebuilding effort and summed up his candidacy as "speeches & promises are nice, but results are what counts when you're running for mayor."

Gray spent much of his time harshly criticizing the Mayor and his leadership style. Gray had a busload of seniors that he brought in, which contributed to a disproportionately senior population. It was bizarre to see a large, traveling tourbus shipping people around a single ward within a city. Also Ward 5 resident Robert Vinson Brannum was among the loudest and most disruptive of a crowd of vocal Gray supporters who repeatedly shouted over Fenty. Brannum was seen earlier in the day shouting into loud speakers from a car in front of the Washington Post. Four other candidates for Mayor also participated.

The final tally had Gray ahead by approximately a busload of votes, but his percentage of the vote fell short of the 60% threshold for an endorsement.


  1. This review is false and incorrect. By all accounts, the loudest disruptions came from supporters of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, not from me. The moderators had to silence Fenty supporters on several occasions to remain quiet. The various tapes of the event will prove I am correct. Roll them.

    Robert Vinson Brannum

  2. Robert-

    Stay in your own ward, and stopping ginning up fake grassroots, it only makes Gray look foolish.

  3. This was just a staw poll, right? In other words, it didn't really matter and only die hard campaign volunteers show up? Would rather have seen the Mayor win, but it's no surprise to see his opponents are more passionate and willing to show up for this sort of thing than the folks who are happy that they have decent schools to send their kids to, etc.