Friday, July 30, 2010

Liberty Tree begins brunch service tomorrow (Menu preview)

Liberty Tree opens for brunch tomorrow at 11 a.m. Here are a few of the new menu items available during brunch time in addition to all your favorite pizzas. The brunch menu is available until 3 p.m.  It will be expanded with time and should hopefully be available on their new patio sometime in September. 

Farmer’s Omelet 10
Olives, mushrooms, green peppers, and goat cheese
Served with homefries

Eggs Kennebunkport 15
Lobster, poached egg, hollandaise on an English muffin
Served with homefries

Buttermilk pancakes 8
A stack of three with seasonal warm berry compote

The Breakfast Pizza 12
Herb butter, homefries, bacon, mozzarella, Sunnyside eggs, and Vermont maple syrup drizzle

Filet BLT 14
Tarragon mayonnaise
Served with house cut French fries

Chef’s choice Quiche Market
Ask your server for details

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