Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Link roundup

City Paper touts Taylor's (1116 H St) new house roast beef sandwiches.

The Argonaut (1433 H St) reopened. They don't have a kitchen or their first floor dining room, but they do have a pretty good menu going nonetheless.

Mike Neibauer reported in the Washington Business Journal that Tommy Wells is working to make the Giant coming to 3rd and H a reality by amending the H Street TIF to fund the construction of parking spaces for it and to make it accessible to small business owners. Wells had a very productive end to the current Council legislative session.

East City Art has some early pictures of the Temporium, which opens at 1300 H Street this Friday evening.

Washington Post's Express Night Out touts the Star and the Shamrock (1341 H St).

Clark Ray takes CM Phil Mendelson to task for flip flopping on streetcars. He was very against them before he joined the rest of the Council in backing Tommy Wells' bill to allow wires on H Street.

Capitol City Diner announced that the H Street shuttle will be adding a Bladensburg Rd stop near the Diner to allow easy access to it and to Jimmy Valentine's from H Street and the rest of DC.


  1. I am disappointed to hear that Tommy Wells is hoping to add 279 parking spaces to 3rd and H St NE. That will make the H St NE area even less pedestrian and bicyclist friendly and will increase congestion in the area. It will likely also provide a disincentive to use more fuel-efficient modes of transportation (such as buses, the metro, etc.).

  2. Anon:
    There in NO way that I am going to the Giant store via bus or Metro or the streetcar, and struggle with bags of groceries, when I have a perfectly good vehicle to use for such errands.
    I'm sure not going to do it when it's 20 degrees, pouring down raining, or late at night when I might have to wait more than 1/2 hour for a bus.
    Any of these situations is even more difficult for women with small children, the elderly, or physically challenged.
    It's not safe for a woman to walk home alone late at night on dark deserted streets - from either H Street or a bus stop.
    Vehicles are a convenience and sometimes a necessity. Good development on H Street requires that we provide for them.