Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This weekend at the Temporium

Vintage clothing trunk show!
Uesa Goods
July 30-August 1

July 30: DJ Anish
July 31: DJ Gold

(e)merge discussion panel on how emerge artists build community
4 PM on July 31 @ Conner Contemporary
After-after-party @ The Temporium

Check out these great photos from last weekend.

And be sure to stop by SOVA, the Atlas, or Biergarten to take advantage of the great deals they are doing in partnership with the Temporium.


  1. Is this group paying any rent for the building? Or is the DC tax payer shelling out $$$ for to keep the lights and AC on for yet another favored group. None of the people invoved in this project appear to be from this neighborhood, how did they get the keys to the building anyway?

  2. Each of the 12 designers and artists at the store are expected to contribute 10 percent of their earnings. That revenue will be coupled with the $20,000 grant provided by the city to operate and spruce up the space. It already looks a great deal nicer than it did previously. The hope is that some of these folks will open their own shops along H Street and/or that their success here will help attract additional retail. It's a creative and productive use of a building that had been vacant and neglected for too long. I'm not sure the city could have commanded much more in temporary rent for it, but if you are interested in using the space, by all means bid on it when they offer it up or contact the city's OP about your proposed short-term use.