Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Temporary streetcar wires bill passes, permanent bill still pending; and other legislative accomplishments from CM Tommy Wells

DC Council unanimously approved temporary legislation yesterday to prohibit overhead wires around the National Mall and to allow a public process for determining whether the wires can be used in other parts of the city, including H Street. Councilmember Tommy Wells has championed the issue and continued to work to reach a compromise to allow streetcars to begin operating on H Street soon. A vote on permanent legislation is expected after the Council returns following their August recess. The Council previously passed emergency legislation to accomplish the same (emergency legislation is in effect for 90 days; temporary for 225, both are used to enact immediate mandates without being subect to the usual Congressional approval process).

The Council also unanimously passed Wells' bill to strengthen school truancy rules as well as his lifting the veil on juvenile confidentiality legislation.

Congratulations to Councilmember Wells on a big, successful day. Be sure to pass along your appreciation to him, to his Chief of Staff Charles Allen, and to his transporation aide, local ANC6C Commissioner Anne Phelps for their important accomplishments the next time you see them on H Street.

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