Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sietsema continues to sing Ethiopic & H Street dining scene's praises

From Wednesday's Ask Tom chat:

Q.Ethiopian restaurant

Hi Tom. I have a friend visiting from NY this weekend and he loves Ethiopian food - which he never has in NY (guess no good Ethiopian restuarants there), so we have Ethiopian food every time he visits. We usually go to Dukem on U street, but was thinking of checking out another Ehtiopian restaurant, hopefully in the same price range as Dukem. Is there any good place you can suggest? Preferably donwtown, Logan, Dupont, Adams Morgan, U street neighbourhoods. Thanks!
– June 30, 2010 10:37 AM

A.Tom Sietsema writes:

As you may have gathered from today's intro, my new favorite for kitfo and doro wat is the youthful Ethiopic in the Atlas District. If you haven't checked out the neighborhood before, you're in for a surprise: So much to do there! I think I could review a new restaurant from the Atlas District for the next two months and not complete the job.

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  1. isn't calling the 400 block of H street "the atlas district" a stretch? can we please retire that moniker and just stick with "H street" for the neighborhood's name?