Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Washingtonian: H Street has the best bars in town

This month's Washingtonian features the top 75 bars in the greater Washington area and six of them are on H Street.  It's hard to quibble with Washingtonian's recognition that H Street is one of the most fun places to spend an evening, but in addition to the well-deserved listings for Little Miss Whiskey's, Granville Moore's, Rock and Roll Hotel, H Street Country Club, Toyland, and Biergarten Haus, we'd add the Pug to the list of great dive bars, the Atlas Room to the list of places to eat and drink, and the Atlas Room and Smith Commons to places to bring a date.  And any number of places could join Granville Moore's on the Beer Haven list, including the Argonaut, Smith Commons, and Little Miss Whiskey's. 

Music and Dancing

  • Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar: The "Awesomeness," a spiked slushie served in a mason jar.
  • Rock & Roll Hotel: The $6 "PBR-and-shot-of-crap-whiskey" combo.

Good for Games 

  • H Street Country Club: Where else but H Street could a Pimm's Cup be considered ironic?
  • Toyland: The Martini Royale, a classic gin or vodka martini served with blue cheese-stuffed olives.

Beer Heaven

  • Granville Moore's: A bottle of St. Feuillien Brune—with fruit, licorice and malty flavors in a single sip, it's more like Scotch than beer.

Drink Al Fresco

  • Biergarten Haus: A draft of Kostritzer Schwarzbier.


  1. Smith Commons needs a little bit more of a track record before it deserves appointment to a "Best Of DC" type list. It has only be open a few weeks.

  2. Um, where exactly did they say that H Street has the best bars in town? I mean, I agree with that statement, but they don't say that.

  3. Too bad this was written before the Erin and Garrick of Toyland were screwed out of their business. They don't even serve that drink there anymore. Fake Toyland sucks! The service is slow, the drinks are HORRIBLE and the beer is left over from Erin and Garrick. The review is a DAMN SHAME! Let's hope fake Toyland will close and someone new will remake the spot.