Tuesday, January 4, 2011

City Gallery presents Ronnie Spiewak "Leaves, Words & Screens"; Reception Sat. Jan 8, 6-9 pm

CITY Gallery Presents
Ronnie Spiewak "Leaves, Words & Screens"

City Gallery is very pleased to announce its first solo exhibition "Leaves, Words and Screens" by gallery member Ronnie Spiewak.   Spiewak will exhibit new work and will awe visitors with her mastery of collage. 

In Spiewak’s words:

“Collage has always been a satisfying vehicle for expressing my ideas and emotions. Scissors and exacto blades are among my most coveted tools, serving in effect, as my paintbrushes. They help create lines and shapes quickly and crisply giving the work the energy I seek.  I am most comfortable when I’m tearing, cutting and pasting paper onto paper. Paper also has a 3-dimensional quality that I’m constantly exploring. Glossy black  ink-saturated magazine paper sings. The color, plainness and usefulness of brown paper give it an earthy quality.

I am also drawn to the calligraphy of foreign language newsprint with its beautiful array of symbols and marks. The mixture of languages becomes a metaphor for the eyes and ears of the world. Using Hebrew newsprint is a way to integrate my personal heritage into the work, reflecting on the culture of an ancient and simultaneously modern land.

In my work, and in my life, I’m interested in putting and keeping things in motion, much like a juggler. I create a complete image by using disparate pieces to make the whole.  It’s a selective process about incorporating, juxtaposing and eliminating. It’s about finding and loosing. It’s a method of working that reflects the ways I make choices in my daily living.

My current work is inspired by nature, travel, words and people. Recently, I took a serendipitous departure into three-dimensional work, making stand-alone paper constructions. I have no idea where this turn will take me, but I tend to let my intuition guide me. “

About the artist:
Ronnie Spiewak received her B.A. from Monmouth University in 1971 and her B.F.A. from the Corcoran School of Art in 1982. She has exhibited widely throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan area for many years. She works at Passageways Studio in Riverdale, Maryland.
Please Join us Saturday January 8, 2011 from 6PM to 9PM at City Gallery, 804 H Street NE, Second Floor, Washington, DC 20002.  For more information email us at mailto:info@citygallerydc.com?subject=Gayle%20Krughoff%20%22Out%20at%20Night%22 or call us at 202.468.5277 or visit our website at http://citygallerydc.com/index.html

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