Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Link roundup

Smith Commons (1245 H St) continues to draw lots of attention.  Daily Candy says Smith Commons has something for everyone and is good for everything from happy hour to a romantic night out.  Capitol Bites loved the burger with its grilled portabella & miso mayo, while DMW Dining recommends the duck leg confit and the eggplant lasagna, even though they were confused by this faux lasagna (note it has no noodles and they should really put lasagna in quotes so diners understand that it is a play on the dish).  The Pint Glass reviews the beer experience and has this interview with Miles Gray about how he selects Smith Commons' offerings.  We've enjoyed our early visits to Smith Commons as well. 

Washington City Paper discovers that Taylor Gourmet (1116 H St) has stopped importing bread from Sarone's Bakery in Philly and is instead sourcing the bread locally now though no one seems to have noticed any decline in quality.  This is good news for days with bad weather or car trouble, which previously would close Taylor because they were unwilling to serve an inferior product.

The Washington Post calls H Street DC's "karaoke capital" and notes that the annual Karoke competition got started last week at Sticky Rice and continues with qualify rounds at Little Miss Whiskey's and Sticky Rice on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.  The championship will again be held at the Rock and Roll Hotel on January 27.

Mike DeBonis noted in the Washington Post that former Fenty Transportation Director Gabe Klein appears to be mulling over a run for the At-large Council seat vacated by Kwame Brown.  Klein garnered a lot of attention as DDOT Director -- where championed streetcars among other innovative ideas --  and over 1000 residents signed a petition calling for his continued service under the new administration.

Thelistareyouonit featured Chef Column is from Chef Teddy Folkman and his veggie burger recipe.

President Obama stopped by and did his day of service at the Stuart Hobson Middle School (410 E St NE).  Stuart Hobson is the local middle school for the north side of Capitol Hill and is part of the Capitol Hill Cluster.

H Street Eats started with great deals and meals for only $20.11 up and down the H Street corridor.  It's a great opportunity to make your first trip to Smith Commons or your first trip back to the new Argonaut, to have a full meal at Liberty Tree or at the Capital City Diner, or to make it to Ethiopic, which is one of Washington's top restaurants and what many consider its best spot for ethiopian.

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