Friday, January 21, 2011

WBJ Mike Neibauer: Autozone lot sale completed for development

The sale of the Autozone site on the western end of the 1200 block of H Street (1207 H St) has been pending for a few months now and Mike Neibauer of the Washington Business Journal reports that the sale was completed to Western Development spinoff "WestMill Capital" yesterday.  Neibauer -- one of the city's finest reporters -- explains that WestMill Capital is controlled by Ben and Daniel Miller, sons of Western Development founder Herb Miller, and has this quote from an interview with Ben Miller: 

"H Street is the most exciting neighborhood in the city today and has the most potential to be local, authentic and dynamic, and we want to participate.
While Autozone's lease has not expired, it will be interesting to see how long they remain on site. 

Read more: H Street AutoZone parcel sold for $3.9M | Washington Business Journal


  1. This is an exciting development and an opportunity to build something that will enhance H Street more than a haven for illegal mechanics.

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