Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WP: Tacos Impala "offers first-rate food in an unconventional, effortlessly cool kind of way."

Today's Washington Post has this minireview of Tacos Impala, which is open at 1204 H St through March 31. 

The piece notes that Erik Yang and Troy Hickman "are as devoted to the Atlas District as they are to their product."

Supple corn tortillas, made fresh all day, exemplify that passion. Try one filled with carnitas: juicy braised pork from the picnic shoulder cut that is seared to a crisped edge before serving. Vegetarians will delight in the bean tacos, which hold a soft, flavorful mash of mayacoba beans, tomatoes, garlic and onion with crumbled Cotija cheese on top. Marinated beef is cooked to order for the carne asada taco, the most popular (though we were partial to that pork). All are $3 and come with a choice of sauce. The brick-red Impala version is deeply smoky; the pulpy salsa verde, made with tomatillos and jalapeno peppers, is vibrant and addictive.

The crispy pork skin dish known as chicharrones makes an occasional and welcome appearance as a fourth option ($3). All tacos are garnished with crunchy bits of radish and onion, flecks of cilantro and wedges of lime.
It also says that while Tacos Impala will close at the end of March to allow Philadelphia Water Ice to reopen, its owners hope to find a new home for their pop up venture and to eventually open a sit-down Mexican restaurant as well. 

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