Friday, February 11, 2011

Construction update: streetcar stop and traffic signals in place at 5th & H Sts

H Street's first streetcar stop was also installed today at the southwest corner with 5th Street, near the entrance to Toyland (421 H St). 

photo courtesy of Topher Cushman

The H Street streetscape contractor also reports that new traffic signals on H Street at the intersection with 5th Street are now functional with flashing yellow along H Street and flashing red along 5th Street as they prepare to go live with regular functioning. 

The new traffic signals at the H Street NE intersection with 5th Street are now on flash mode in preparation for full activation next Friday, February 18. Because these are new signal lights at an intersection that was not previously signalized, the DDOT procedure is to operate them on flash mode for seven days to allow motorists and pedestrians to become accustomed to them.
In flash mode, the traffic signals are flashing yellow for H Street traffic, and flashing red for 5th Street traffic.

As always, if you have questions or would like additional information, please call on us at any time.

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  1. Just what H Street needs: more traffic lights to make a bad situation worse.

  2. I've lived on 5th and H for three years now... this is the ONLY block on H to not feature a street light, which has been a considerable pain. This is overdue, and needed. Thank you DC for getting something done.

  3. Two things are guaranteed to happen:

    1.) The light will be horribly mis-timed with the rest of the lights.

    2.) It will take the city at least a year to fix the timing.

    This happens every single time the city installs a new traffic light.

  4. i think the light will be great. stop being so critical of anything that is done in the name of making H st better. If you dont like it MOVE..