Monday, February 7, 2011

Coming Soon: Sunday Brunch at the Atlas Room

The Atlas Room has been open for a couple months now and is receiving top marks for the very high quality meals they are serving.  When they opened, the said they wanted to do brunch once they had a chance to get comfortable.  That time is coming and the Atlas Room will now offer Sunday brunch on starting February 20. 


  1. Any word on what the menu will be for brunch?

  2. Atlas Room is a mixed bag in my opinion. I want it to do well, but there were some serious flaws: Specifically, inconsistent food quality and highly, highly inconsistent portions. Also, nice waiter but slow service.

    Good wine though. I had the Big Nose Cabarnet, and it was fabulous. I recommend the short rib ravioli appetizer and the fish in a lemon reduction as an entree. If they could ensure that all entree portions are an appropriate size (not smaller than the appetizers), then I think the rest will fall into place. (The winter vegetable vegetarian entree, it turns out, is a bowl of soup -- but is quite expensive; the waiter admitted that it wouldn't sate someone who is actually hungry.)

    Looking forward to seeing what the brunch menu looks like.