Friday, February 4, 2011

315 G Street NE sold - more progress on the western end

The Neighborhood Development Company has purchased 315 G Street NE -- a long vacant property near the southeast corner of 3rd & G Streets NE -- for $1.8 million. 

Preliminary work planning seems to have already started inside the property as neigbors have reported seeing workmen going in & out the back, though no record of permits issued is available from DCRA's online database.  The property was previously home to sixteen relatively small residential units, but it is not yet known how many units the Neighborhood Development Co. plans to offer after renovation is complete.  

The property had recently been classified as vacant and uneligible for exemption by DCRA, and was therefore slated to be taxed at the recently reinstated 5% vacant property rate this spring prior to changing hands, which may have helped the previous owner come down from his $2.5 million asking price (the city had assessed the value to be about $1 million).

With this property sold for redevelopment, it joins the old police station on 9th Street and the old fire engine house on Maryland Avenue as prominent large long-vacant properties in the area south of H Street that have been slated for residential development now that the H Street and north Capitol Hill area has become so attractive to homebuyers and developers.   


  1. I live in the Logan building next door and haven't seen too much movement. The back of the building has open windows and it looks like a total dump. I hope they can clean it up without too much noise or parking problems on the block.

  2. "I hope they can clean it up without too much noise or parking problems on the block."

    Sounds like you would also like to be Mayor, but refuse to run.

  3. I live around corner & park in the alley. Work is indeed ongoing. Have seen workers coming & going thru the back & heard noises inside. For sale by owner sign w/ gmail address still in the front window though.

  4. I think they have their permits now. Haven't seen plans, but DCRA shows interior demo permit approved last weeks.

  5. The company handling sales will be holding a Penthouse Cocktail Party over on N Street and is going to have some information on 315 G St. NE available there along with info on a bunch of other properties.....

  6. The doors are open now and workers are inside working on the building. It is supposedly going to have 16 condos, efficiencies up to two bedrooms, and they were saying it would be ready in Sept.