Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Link roundup

Roll Call noted that the "H Street Boom Continues with New Hot Spots" and rounded up a bunch of the recent additions and come ones on H Street (subscription required).

THIH joined us in pronouncing the rebirth of the Argonaut as back and "better than ever."

CityStream is excited about the "new and improved" Argonaut, which they say is "is still the same family-friendly neighborhood gathering place" as before, but nonetheless "boasts some serious upgrades."

DC Beers weighs in heavily in favor of Smith Commons and compares their beer list and overall feel to that of DC's beer haven, Church Key. 

Express Night Out calls it a "Dining Room and Public House Delight."

DC Style is Real finds comfort at the Atlas Room:  "a good place to go for a low-key, long conversation over polished drinks and exceptional yet surprising first, second, and third dishes" and where "the food is wonderful, the drinks are good. For the eclectic H Street scene, it’s quiet enough to feel out of place. And that’s why I like it."

THIH checks out the Sound of Palin from Gross National Product at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

The Feast checked out Church & State (1236 H St), which opened last week and brings a new craft cocktail concept to H Street.

DCUrbanTurf notes that 1360 H Street is for sale and makes it this week's "find" for an investor or entrepreneur.

Greater Greater Washington hosted a chat with newly-minted Councilmember Sekou Biddle.  Of particular note to H Street, Councilmember Biddle is a fan of streetcars:

Streetcars are a great way to incentivize businesses to invest in some of our most important corridors. Having a streetcar system potentially powered by renewable energy will enable District residents to breathe cleaner air and demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility.  Our Streetcar system is an important component of a multi-modal transportation infrasture. The streetcar system will support the city and the region's longterm plans toward supporting and enhancing walkable neighborhood centers.

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