Thursday, February 24, 2011

Metro Mutts news: now offers dog walking & pet sitting; Spot on Training opening celebration tonight

As a valued customer, you already know that Metro Mutts is a trusted partner that helps you care for both your canine and feline family members.  We strive to make the life of busy pet parents easier by offering such a large variety of quality retail items at a reasonable price.  We truly appreciate all of the feedback you have provided along the way, and as a result we have expanded our store to accomodate more inventory.  We are now offering two new lines of food, and we continue to research new and unique products to see what would best fit our customer needs. 
Retail isn't the only thing you've been commenting on this past year. We have received many inquiries about whether we had plans to offer dog walking and pet sitting in the future, and are very pleased to announce that we will be launching both services at the end of February!  As of February 25th, you can start using our online system to sign up, create a profile with your information and get scheduled for a "Mutt Consult", which is a one time meeting for new customers.  We are offering some very exciting promotional packages for those of you who get signed up before March 31st.  This gives you an opportunity to see how great the services are while enjoying significant savings. 
Our Capitol Hill neighbors will now be able to use Metro Mutts as their trusted dog walker during the weekdays while they are at work, and also for morning, evening and weekend visits as needed. There is even a special package designed for puppies and adult dogs who will be alone for extended periods of time or have medical needs.  And Romeo will tell you, we also love the kitties and will be offering pet sits specifically for our feline friends. 
Why use our service?  Metro Mutts will provide a safe and enjoyable outing for your dog with a focus on individual attention and good manners at every visit.  By walking dogs individually we will be in tune with their mood, monitor their bathroom habits and help reinforce the training cues you already have in place (ex. sit, wait, off, leave it) which will go a long way towards your goals of having a well behaved pup!  After each visit you will receive a Mutt Diary that summarizes our time with your dog, their manners progress, and what additional tasks were taken care of such as feeding, giving fresh water, re-filling Kongs or treat dispensing toys and administering medication. 
We are thrilled to be offering such a valuable service for our customers and encourage you to spread the word if you know other pet parents who would be interested. Check our site for information and updates on this new service!

Join Us for a Night of Celebration
Thursday, February 24th, 7-9pm
You're invited to join us for a night of celebration and fun on Thursday, February 24th from 7-9pm. Come check out the first dog training studio on H Street!

Spot On Training and Metro Mutts have officially forged a business partnership and want you to be part of the celebration as we showcase how our businesses have expanded to offer even more great services and products.  The lower level of Metro Mutts has been transformed into a small intimate training space where dogs and their owners can learn in a calm, relaxed environment.  Think yoga studio with a canine twist.

To make room for the new training studio, and to better meet needs of Metro Mutts customers, we have expanded the back storage room into a "Food Room," now offering a greater selection of quality food.

Stop by and take a tour of the NEW Spot On Training Studio and check out everything Metro Mutts has to offer while enjoying the sounds of local musician, Mark Francis Nickens.  We'll have plenty of food, wine, and beer to really make it a party.  Plan to get there early, we'll have gift bags for the first 40 guests.

And for those lobstah lovers and canine lovers, we made special arrangements for the Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck to roll in and will sell those delicious authentic Maine Lobster Rolls and donate 50% of their proceeds to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.  So if the downtown lines have been too long for you, Thursday, 2/24 is your night to give it a whirl.

To ensure we have plenty of food and drink, please RSVP even if you're just planning to stop by for a few minutes.  It's simple click here to tell us who you are and if you plan on bringing any friends.

P.S.  Whereas pets are always welcome this party is geared more to the human persuasion so they might be more comfortable at home.  Large crowds and loud music can be very frightening and stressful for many dogs.

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