Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WP's GOG weighs in on Biergarten Haus

Pretty favorable review from the Going Out Gurus at the Washington Post on Biergarten Haus (1355 H St). They have been packed since opening with waits to even get in and stand throughout last weekend. I agree with the review -- the outdoor are is "tremendous" with great planting, shades, and service and the food is "excellent." They have been a huge draw for World Cup so far as has H Street overall. On Saturday afternoon, H Street Country Club, Star and Shamrock, and Biergarten were all at capacity, which was incredible to see. Given the massive crowds to date, Biergarten is off to a great start.

1 comment:

  1. 1. The area should have been the first indication that our experience was going to be bad
    2. The food was not good (AT ALL) and made us all sick
    3. You are charged for refills on soda
    4. I had 3 in my family and went with another family with 4 people. They automatically added a 20% tip and the service and food was terrible. Not only was my meal brought out before everyone elses. But after I was done eating they brought the other meals and forgot one of my children's order. No apology, no nothing. Just the waitress stating that meals don't come out all at once, they come out sparadically. Fortunately I wasn't out too much money for such a bad meal since I purchased a Groupon. I will go to every website possible to warn everyone