Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kelvin Robinson to challenge Tommy Wells for Ward Six Council Seat

Kelvin Robinson has dropped his candidacy for the At-large seat held by Councilmember Phil Mendelson and is instead going to try to unseat Tommy Wells as the Councilmember for Ward Six.

WP's Mike DeBonis broke this new this morning. Robinson said in a press release that "I understand that my focus and energies are needed more in my home Ward where the issues of juvenile crime, smart development, better schools and good paying jobs are of concern to Ward 6 residents."

Mike Neibauer followed up with more details in the Washington Business Journal. Neibauer reports that Robinson thinks Wells hasn't done enough constituent service and that parts of Ward Six are "not getting the attention they deserve."

WeLoveDC says Robinson says a letter signed by two of his ANC colleagues -- Mary Beatty and Gladys Mack -- to Tommy Wells was the basis of his decision.

Robinson appeared to facing an uphill battle to gain traction in the race against Mendleson entering the race only after Clark Ray had already established himself as a serious alternative to Mendelson for the At-large seat. Wells was previously unopposed in the Democratic primary for the Ward Six seat, which makes Robinson his primary challenger and may allow more light for his candidacy. Robinson has served as Chairman of ANC6A for the past few months after being appointed to represent the far eastern end of the ANC in February 2009.


  1. Go Kelvin. Tommy Wells hasn't done a goddamn thing for Ward 6.
    Chicken coop legislation?
    The new parking rules debacle?
    Car-free DC?

    Bullshit legislation for sure. From a bullshit legislator.

  2. Actually, Robinson made his news first in a statement on Jonetta Rose Barras' show on DC politics on WPFW (Thursdays 11am). DeBonis seemed to be the first paper/blog media to report thereafter.

  3. The Fresh Prince of NortheastJune 12, 2010 at 7:23 AM

    Wells hasn't done anything for Ward 6?

    Ha ha! That's hilarious...

    Mr. Robinson, is that you??

    If so, please tell us all the wonderful things you have done for Ward 6.