Monday, June 21, 2010

Argo seeks temporary change to license to allow to operate as tavern while kitchen undergoes repairs

Here's a good opportunity to support the Argonaut while they try to make ends meet until their kitchen is repaired. There is also a fundraiser for them being hosted at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Wedensday, June 30. If you support their operating under a Tavern License rather than a Restaurant one (this means they aren't required to establish that over a certain percentage of their sales are from food rather than beer/wine/liquor), then you are encouraged to weigh in support of their temporary license change by emailing the ABC Board. The Argonaut was an H Street pioneer, is operated by H Street cooridor residents, and is by all accounts a good neighbor.

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As you are now aware, the Argonaut suffered a temporary setback with the fire on Sunday. I believe the Argonaut and the efforts of their ownership have helped lead the way with the resurrection of H Street. They were one of the first on H to provide our neighborhood a place to enjoy a decent meal. They have proven to be good neighbors and an asset to our community.

The Argonaut is in need of opening as soon as possible to generate enough income to pay the bills (which don't stop for hardship). AS they are licensed to be a restaurant, they are required to sell a certain quantity of food to maintain their liquor license. Since their kitchen was damaged in the fire it will be impossible for them to meet the food requirement for an unknown period of time while the process works to restore the kitchen. In the meantime, they are requesting permission from the Alcohol Beverage Control Board to change their liquor license from restaurant a tavern.

The goal of the Argonaut ownership is to function as a tavern and hopefully be able to grill food on an outdoor grill on the patio. Upon conclusion of the renovation, they will return to a fully functioning restaurant and return their license to a restaurant license.

I fully support this temporary change and I request that neighbors who wish to help email the ABC board to let them know you support this temporary change. The Board is meeting this Wednesday, June 23rd.

Please emails to the ABC Board care of: Martha Jenkins,

I will be asking all of my fellow commissioners to join me in this request and I will be sending my own letter of support.

Thank you,

Bill Schultheiss
Commissioner ANC6A06


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  1. Outdoor grill, Tavern, Beer on the patio, how could anyone object? I'm sold! :)