Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Link roundup

DCist highlight's Industry Gallery's (1358 Florida Ave) current show "If I Told You One Time", which runs through July 3.

Greater Greater Washington has this post about how Streetcars preserve, not spoil, historic cities. The author is a Georgetown resident who testified in support of streetcars on H Street and throughout the city at least week's DC Council hearing on the H Street line.

Brightest Young Things touts H Street as the new Brooklyn in their H Street guide.

Professor Bruce Fisher writes in ArtVoice about Urban Planner Jane Jacobs and also views H Street as akin to Brooklyn and as leading the way among urban areas which were ravaged by the 1968 riots, describing H Street as:
paradise regained compared to the great swaths of Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, and other cities that burned in the 1968 riots—because at least in Washington, new activity is right next door. Speculation on H Street Northeast still makes sense even after the real-estate crash. It’s coming this way—you can feel it. H Street Northeast will be next to “come back.”
HStreetDC says newly-opened Rita's Water Ice (1014 H St) is off to the early lead in the H Street Water Ice battle with Philadephia Water Ice (1204 H St) who is also offering free water ice this week.

The Hill is Home was well-represented at Rita's opening this weekend.

Frozen Tropics announces Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill's (410 H St) Four Year Anniversary celebration with special pricing discounts and a party on July 17.

The Argonaut continues to share news of their ordeal and progress recovering from their tragic fire.
Don't forget about the fundraiser for them and their employees tomorrow night at the Rock and Roll Hotel. $20 covers your cocktails and provides various entertainment as well as other opportunities to support everyone's favorite neighborhood bar and the grandaddy of the H Street renaissance.


  1. best of luck to philly water ice. it would be a shame to have a local business steamrolled by a chain outlet (don't get me wrong, i love rita's...i've been a customer at the woodridge location since it opened a few years back).

  2. There should be enough business for both. The MOTH crowd can go to Rita's, and the rest of us can go to Philly water Ice.

  3. They're both franchise chains IMGoph, but Rita's is a bigger chain operation. Frozen Tropics broke it down in an earlier post.

  4. anonymous: did you post both of those messages above? i can't tell who's who.

    i wasn't aware that philly water ice is a chain. i knew there was another DC location, but i was led to believe it was just a local person running a couple shops.