Friday, June 11, 2010

Biergarten opens and link round up

Biergarten Haus opened this morning and
Frozen Tropics is there live blogging with lots of pictures. The rest of us are jealous!

Thrillist also has a nice video up giving a quick tour of around the interior and into the garden.

Tommy Wells shares the latest developments and plans for H Street construction. Progress has picked up along the eastern end on the north side of the street and construction has begun switching to the south side of the street. The total project – from 3rd Street to an end point just east of 14th Street – is approximately 60% complete. The target date for substantial completion of the entire project is June 2011. The block-by-block status and schedule is available here.

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  1. H Street is the place to be for world cup, it seems. Biergarten had lines 10-15 deep waiting just to get in to stand, but I couldn't believe there was a wait to get in for standing room at Country Club and Star and Shamrock was at capacity too. Biergarten is already a great addition to H... just hope I can get in soon.