Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Link roundup

Harry Jaffe credits those of us who were displeased when Council Chair Vince Gray tried to funnel the funding for the H Street streetcars to a park in Georgetown and other projects in Anacostia for getting the Council to restore the funding to advance the H Street line, but rather than applauding our civic activism to improve public transportation instead derides us as "buppies" and "yuppies." Thanks for reading the blog, Mr. Jaffe. We'll keep working to make DC a better place to live and do business and you are welcome to call us whatever you like, but we wont stand for this neighborhood being called neglected any longer.

BeyondDC offers a host of reasons for why streetcars are important and different than other forms of public transporation such as buses.

Greater Greater Washington reports that the owners of the tunnel that will be used to connect the H Street line to Union Station are balking and seemingly posturing for negotiating position with the city.

THIH's Jen DeMayo sums up and share some highlights for the upcoming summer film series at the Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H St).
THIH also favorably reviews "Gretty Good Time" at the H Street Playhouse (1365 H St). Performances are Thursday through Sunday through July 3. Tickets available online.

Tommy Wells announced the Kingman Island Bluegrass Fesitival this Saturday afternoon. Kingman Island is accessible off the northeastern edge of RFK stadium. One of our favorite performers, Stripmall Ballads, will be on hand. Stripmall Ballads is also performing at SOVA tonight at 8.

The Washington Examiner picks up on Councilmember Tommy Wells' effort to enact an earlier youth curfew during the summer months, which was defeated by the narrowest of margins last week. Is anyone surprised that At large Councilmember Phil Mendelson cast the deciding vote in opposition to the measure? He sure seems eager to provide material to the opposition researchers working against his reelection lately as he was the lead opponent to streetcar funding and the only councilmember of 13 not to cosponsor Tommy Wells' bill to adopt a local ban on wires and permit the streetcars to proceed along H Street.

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