Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reminder: Tonight is ARTventures on H Street

Tonight is the free 12-stop art walk and associated dining deals at 8 different restaurants/bars on H Street! Full details at

Art walk 5-7:30; dining deals 7-9pm. Plus discounted admission to the film showing at the Atlas, discounted admission to GRETTY GOOD TIME at H Street Playhouse, and a free class at Joy of Motion.

The twelve stops on the art walk are:

Bryant K. Adams: 300 block of H Street, NE (installation)
Studio H: 408a H Street, NE (
City Gallery: 804 H Street, NE (
Jorge Velazquez: 1015 H Street, NE
Atlas Performing Arts Center: 1333 H Street, NE (
SOVA Espresso & Wine: 1359 H Street, NE (
Gallery O/H: 1354 H Street, NE (
H Street Playhouse: 1365 H Street, NE (
G Fine Art: 1350 Florida Avenue, NE (
Conner Contemporary Art: 1358 Florida Avenue, NE (
Industry Gallery: 1358 Florida Avenue, NE – Suite 200 (
Evolve Urban Arts Project: 1375 Maryland Avenue, NE (

Participating restaurants that will be offering ARTventures passport discounts are:

Ethiopic: 401 H Street, NE (
Toyland: 421 H Street, NE (
Liberty Tree: 1016 H Street, NE (
Sticky Rice: 1224 H Street, NE (
The Pug: 1234 H Street, NE (
H Street Country Club: 1335 H Street, NE (
Dangerously Delicious Pies: 1339 H Street, NE (
Argonaut: 1433 H Street, NE (

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