Friday, September 16, 2011

Tasty H Street Festival Specials @ Queen Vic

We fondly remember tasting some of Queen Vic's offerings at last year's festival.  We weren't sure we were that excited about another pub on H Street that seemed to be adding little new besides British fare, which didn't sound exciting.  Then we had their burger, and an Indian chicken dish.  And then we went back and tried another item.  As everyone now knows, Queen Vic is a terrific spot for a pint, but an equally great place to have dinner.  We're always interested to try something new there and keep an eye out for some of their specials, often involving offal or other items you might not see if they didn't do all their own butchering in house. 

This year's Festival menu looks like another winner with pasties, chargrilled oysters, pork sausage and maple pork belly pops and roasted sucking pork pops.  We'll be the folks walking around with the suckling pop in our right hand and the maple pork belly pop in our left.

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