Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Link roundup

The Washington Times had a nice piece on the outreach that the H Street business community has done to welcome deaf patrons and Galludet students.  Nice job by the business owners and CHAMPS for educating themselves on how best to serve all their potential patrons.

City Paper's Young & Hungry returns to Toki Underground (1234 H St) and finds it better than ever now that the stock has had some time to grow.  We've been a few times recently and have been really impressed as well. 
Frozen Tropics posted a cool 1927 photo of the building that is now home to the Argonaut (1433 H St).

The Hill is Home has some nice photos of the first ever H Street Chalk Walk

The Washington Post reports that later this fall the city will issue an RFP for the 1300 H Street property it currently owns that was once home to a library and more recently housed the Temporium.

The Sherwood Neighborhood Volunnteers reported that the Sherwood Recreation Center field inside the track will be offline for a few months as part of a DPR refurbishing of it.  Other fields and Sherwood activities remain unaffected.

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