Monday, September 26, 2011

South side of 600 block of H St sold for $51.5M to Jair Lynch Development (via @HousingComplex)

The City Paper's Lydia DePillis has this big development story in her Housing Complex blog.  601-645 H St property has been slated for development for a handful of years now and recently received an additional two year extension of time prior to commencing construction on a large mixed use building that would fill in the parking lot in the middle of the block, place hundreds of parking units below grade, and add residential density above the existing buildings.  Jair Lynch paid $51.5 million to purchase the block long property earlier this month.  The prior developer had been having difficulty obtaining financing and DePillis reports that the new owner Jair Lynch "has access to the capital you need for these kinds of things," so this should be very good news for neighbors who have been wondering when they would see some of the long promised progress at that site.  No word yet on whether the new ownership plans to modify the development plans or maintain them as approved in the PUD.

We understand the property across the street that currently houses Murry's is changing hands soon as well and we look forward to seeing the plans for the full development of that site soon as well.       


  1. What does that mean for the farmers' market?

  2. @lou,

    I heard they might move it to Sherwood Rec. They've got to find a spot for the market.

  3. Level H St. Storage and make it an open air market?

    That'd be nice...

  4. Any word on what's going to replace Fashion One at 7th & H?