Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ANC6A explores how many liquor licenses are appropriate for H Street at public meetings this fall

ANC6A's fall ABL meetings will focus on discussion of a possible cap on
the number of alcohol licenses on H St NE. The first meeting (Sept 20)
will be informational where the Alcohol Beverage Regulation
Administration (ABRA) director and ANCs from other parts of the city
with caps will talk about the process and the pros and cons of a cap.
The following two meetings will be focused on receiving community
input on whether or not a cap should be put in place and what
restrictions would be included in any cap. Below is the schedule for
these meetings. Any changes to the schedule will be posted to the website and otherwise publicized..

•Tuesday, Sept 20; 7pm; Sherwood Recreation Center—Informational meeting on
how caps work and pros/cons
•Tuesday, Oct 18; 7pm; Sherwood Recreation Center—Community reaction to the
informational session and discussion about a possible H St cap
•Tuesday, Nov 15; 7pm; Sherwood Recreation Center—Consideration of any cap
proposal and recommendation to the full ANC6A

The committee and commission looks forward to community input.

Adam C. Healy
Commissioner, ANC 6A01
Chair, ANC6A ABL Committee
Twitter: AdamCHealy

The agenda for the first meeting is after the jump

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee Agenda

September 20, 2011 7-8:45pm

Sherwood Recreation Center (10th and G Sts NE)

I. Welcome/Purpose of Meeting

This is a special meeting to discuss the possible need for a cap on alcohol licenses on H Street NE. This meeting is designed to educate the community on how a cap would work and the pros and cons of such a cap. The October and November meetings will focus on community reaction to the possible need for a cap on H St NE.

II. Introductions

The following have agreed to attend our meeting and offer their perspectives--

Director Fred Moosally, Alcoholic Beverage Regulator Administration

Commissioner Jack Jacobson, ANC2B (Dupont Circle)

Commissioner Norman Metzger, ANC6B (Barracks Row)

III. Mechanics of an Alcohol Cap or Moratorium Zone

Director Moosally will talk about alcohol caps in general and how they work.

IV. Pros and Cons of a Cap or Moratorium Zone

Commissioner Jacobson will talk about the alcohol moratorium in his neighborhood of Dupont West and the pros and cons of their moratorium zone.

Commissioner Metzger will offer the perspective of the Retail Mix Task Force that recently considered a moratorium for Barracks Row.

V. Community Questions

Opportunity for the community to ask questions of Director Moosally or Commissioners Jacobson and Metzger.

VI. Adjourn

(Next Meeting Date – October 18, 2011)

Please visit for any updates to the agenda.


  1. With so many abandoned, blighted buildings, it would be utterly foolish to impose a moratorium. This strip is 14 blocks (!!) long. Adams Morgan is three. What else is going to breathe life into many of these abandoned storefronts? You think record stores and used book shops are going to open along H at this point? Keep dreaming! That kind of retail is years away, and can only happen as H becomes more of a destination. Moratorium's have sucked the life out of Gtown and lead to below-average retail in the moratorium zone of Dupont (sex shops, video stores, and camera shops).

    I think this is mostly a parking play. Lots of people think of street parking as their god-given right, and it isn't. This is a last-gasp attempt at keeping parking manageable on weekends.

  2. Hi folks. I am sad to say the ANC has already made the decision to have a moratorium. They say these meetings are to 'consider' but really they have already made the decision. They are going through the motions to give the commissioners political cover.

    I (like most people under 40) moved to H Street because of the explosion of cool bars and restaurants. None of us should stand by while a few wet blankets seek to limit the fun.

    Go to the meeting next week and let them know that H Street needs more cool places, not less.

    3rd Tuesday, October 18, 7 p.m.
    Sherwood Recreation Center, Corner of 10th and G Sts. NE
    Considertion of a cap on the number of alcohol licenseson H Street NE