Friday, September 9, 2011

George's Place (1001 H St) is closing

George Parker opened George's Place (1001 H St) selling men's clothing on H Street all the way back in 1958.  He's run the store in multiple locations since then and has been at 1001 H Street for quite some time.  He's one of a relatively small group of businesses on H Street who can tell you what it was like on H Street before the riots and who lasted through them and until now.  So it's with some sadness that we report that Mr. Parker has decided to close George's Place.  He'll remain in business until he sells out his inventory, likely for another couple months. 

In the meantime, everything he has is available for 50% off.  Stop by and say hello to Mr. Parker.  He's not interested in talking to the press about his plans for the building he owns (near as we can tell it is still for sale at $1.4 million), but he's got other good stories to tell and he still has some good stuff for sale in his shop. 

George's Place is open until 6:30 on weeknights and 7 pm on Saturday, closed Sundays.  George told me he'd consider opening on some Sundays if there was interest and it helped close out the business.

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