Thursday, December 29, 2011

Link roundup

Washingtonian released their top 100 very best restaurants list and Ethiopic (401 H St) and The Atlas Room (1015 H St) both made the cut.  The January issue also has a nice "Best of H Street" guide that highlights 13 local businesses.

We Love DC returned to Smith Commons (1245 H St) and still kinda loves it.  It's hard to believe they've still only been open a little under a year.

Pamela's Punch checks out Shawafel (1322 H St) and left big fans.

The Hill is Home had a nice preview of Atlas Vets (1326 H St), which should be opening early 2012.

The Washington Post reports that DC is growing faster than any state in the country with dramatic growth over the past year and a half since the census was conducted.

Mike Neibauer of the Washington Business Journal reported that Councilmember Mary Cheh briefly held up the DDOT contracts for additional streetcars needed to run the H Street line.  Cheh subsequently released her hold according to an update from Neibauer.

Frozen Tropics says a "women's boutique" is coming in above Philadelphia Water Ice at 1204 H St.

Kherpa's Raw Foods - a raw foods store is now open at 402 H St on weekends.

The Big Board (421 H St) announced they are opening for lunch Monday-Friday starting this Monday, January 2, at 11 am.

The Atlas Room (1015 H St) is stopping Sunday brunch service for the time being, but planning on starting Monday dinner service soon.

The next H Street Bakes will be Sunday, January 22, 11:30 am at the Big Board (421 H St).


  1. I may be biased, but I am surprised Toki or Granville Moore's did not make the cut. Thanks for all the neighborly updates!


  2. @Katalina,

    For some reason, the food critics are tough on Granville Moore's & Toki. Toki did get a lot of praise from a group of foodies on Eater recently and both spots don't seem to suffer for their relative lack of critical acclaim. I'm with you -- all my meals at Toki & Granville Moore's have been very good to great.

  3. what happened to that sushi spot that was going to open this past fall?