Thursday, December 8, 2011

ANC6C Transporation Cmte Mtg tonight 7 pm, K St rd diet & bike lanes, stop signs on I & new NoMa development

The December meeting of the ANC 6C Transportation & Public Space Committee will be Thursday, 12/8 - 7 pm at Kaiser Permanente (700 2nd Street NE), 1st Floor  conference room, G2/G3.

Meeting Agenda:

1. Proposed road diet for K St NE between North Capital and Florida Avenue:  ANC 6C04 Rep. Tony Goodman is requesting a road diet for K St. so that traffic is limited to two lanes (one lane in each direction) at all times.  As it stands today, drivers are allowed to use a third travel lane during rush hour periods.  If approved, this proposal would allow residents to park on both sides of K St at all hours.  Additionally, the proposal calls for the addition of bike lanes or other bike facilities.  The addition of bike facilities on K St would provide a much needed east/west cycling connection between NOMA and the restaurants and bars in the Atlas District on H St.

 2.  1050 1st St NE:   New curb cuts on L Street for proposed new office building at 1050 First Street NE by Trammell Crow.

3.  Sale of city owned alley space behind 21 7th St. NE:  Residential property owner seeks permission to buy a small parcel of city owned alley space behind her house to allow parking.  Apparently the alley is a dead end and neighbors are supportive of the sale.  Owner Lyudmila Tregubova and Agent David Gemcarelli are scheduled to appear.

4.  Erection of stop signs on 4th St. at I St NE and 6th St. at I St NE:   ANC 6C04 Rep. Tony Goodman is requesting the erection of the stop signs to slow traffic and create safer conditions for pedestrians.


  1. K St. NE could definitely use some effective traffic calming measures. Bike lanes would also be really nice, they would make a great connection between our neighborhood and the Metropolitan Branch Trail

  2. +1 on the value of K Street NE bike lanes providing a safer connection between the residents who live north of H St/Capitol Hill (and arguably Trinidad) and the Metropolitan Branch Trail. I would say that it would be great if the bike lanes went all the way up K St until 7th (when the Building Museum cuts the street off until it restarts on 9th).

    That way, people in a rapidly growing section of Northeast (as housing units continue to come online) can have a safe bike option all the way to the east end of traditional downtown (NOMA is obviously aiding the eastward spread of downtown). With all the new office space coming online at Mount Vernon Triangle, having bike lanes from the neighborhood to this emerging east side of downtown would be a great transit alternative that can help lessen traffic (and air pollution, not to mention helping folks get some much needed exercise).

  3. to Alan: That's the Historical Society of DC Building. NBM is down at 5th and G.

  4. my bad, rayful. that's what i meant. the building museum is the museum in the same vicinity that i actually visit and enjoy...since it's, well, open. lmao. thanks.

  5. Stop sign at 4th and I would be great. Few Maryland or DC drivers respect pedestrians at that crosswalk and it's just a matter of time before a pedestrian gets seriously injured by those who use 4th as a speedway. Thanks for pushing the stop sign. With the construction it's even more dangerous, so the sooner the better. Now if we could just get some consistent parking enforcement in the area (ROSA enforcement and the Maryland commuters who use 4th and I as their free parking lot every weekday at the expense of resident parking).