Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Link roundup

The Washington Business Journal reported that streetcars number 4 and 5 for the H Street line have been ordered.  The first three came from the Czechs, but for these two DDOT got a better price offer from United Streetcar, LLC in Portland.

DDOT will be updating the community on the streetcar line's interim termini and Union Station connection tonight, 6 pm, at the Atlas.

Bitches Who Brunch really liked Sticky Rice's (1224 H St) Sakimosas and Crab Sticky Balls, but said it was the "glorious sushi" that made for "the brunch win."

Roll Call checks out the Big Board (421 H St).  Apparently, they are getting ready to start lunch service soon.

The Washington Post's Tim Carman reports that Taylor Charles Steak & Ice (1320 H St) -- the Philly cheesesteak spot from the Taylor Gourmet guys has run into some structural problems with their building, which has delayed their targeted opening until Spring.

DC Urban Turf has a nice piece on Popularise.com the site from the WestMill Capital group that is soliciting input for the 1351 H St property they recently purchased.  These are the same folks who also recently acquired the Autozone property on the 1200 block of H Street.  Popular ideas for the site include Durkl clothing store and a Red Rocks pizzeria (both businesses are looking to relocate to H Street and are interested in this site), a gym, a bagel shop, a bakery, and some other good ideas for this site or another on H Street.

Frozen Tropics has begun rounding up some of the NYE options on H Street.

ANC6A has committee meetings this week.  Tonight 7 pm, at Sherwood, the Alcohol Licensing Committee reviews applications for new spots at 1007 H St, 1128 H St, 1200 H St, 1253 H St, 1251 H St, and 1324 H St.  Tomorrow 7 pm, at Sherwood, the Economic Development & Zoning Committee review a request for zoning relief to allow a gas station at 1400 Maryland. 

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