Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Link roundup

H Street Life has a brief video of Yoga District

Cloture Club had a great brunch at Liberty Tree and has the pictures to prove it.

GGW says the Metro Branch Trail (MBT) bike path along the train tracks through NE may be more accessible near Union Station with cycle tracks being added to lessen the gap between the path and NoMa/Union Station.

District Cuisine has some thoughts on Pho Bar & Grill.

Washington Post touts the Chupacabra food truck from the guys behind Sticky Rice (and also involved at Dangerously Delicious Pies.

City Paper posts some of DDOT's thinking on putting the streetcar in place and connecting it to Union Station.

DC Access - a local internet service provider gets a great write up in PC World.

Metrocurean has Five Bites H Street edition from Mamalicious in the City's Jenny Slitter aka @Mamalicious.  We'd be hard pressed to pick just 5 favorite H Street dishes, but it's a good list.  We'd add coffee & chai with a veggie sandwich from Sidamo, burger w/ tobacco onions from Big Board, lamb duo from Atlas Room, lobster roll from Liberty Tree, Pattisson Ave from Taylor, Fish n Chips from Queen Vic, Chicken Curry Ramen or Dan Dan Mien from Toki, Fish Tacos with sweet potato fries from the Argonaut...  obviously we could never pick just five, which is another great sign of the terrific growth in good places to eat on H Street. 

The Hill is Home encouraged you to hurry up and score the last seats at the Big Board's "Fast Food Beer Dinner" tomorrow night.  It's a special creative play on a fast food menu with beer pairings from DC's own Chocolate City Beer.

Spicy Candy has a fun photo shoot from H Street hot spots Little Miss Whiskeys, H Street Country Club, Dangerously Delicious Pies, and the Atlas.

Housing Complex's Lydia DePillis reports that WestMill Capital has gutted 1351 H St and is seeking input on what to do with it by introducing a new sort of crowd sourcing to gage what neighborhood residents want to see there (early front runner options were Red Rocks pizza, a Bon Chon korean chicken or a farm to table bistro -- and we vote for all three) via a new website called popularise.com

Urban Daddy reports on the latest from the ladies behind Crunk Cakes whose flavorful cupcakes are now found at the Pug, SOVA, and Star and Shamrock.

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