Monday, December 12, 2011

ANC6C December 15 Meeting Agenda

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C
December 15, 2011, 7 pm, Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

Call to order,


Approval of agenda

Approval of November minutes

Treasurer’s report

Business cards for Commissioner Goodman

Brief Community and Commissioner Announcements

            1.  Councilmember Jack Evans, Ward cooperation

            2.  Flora Lerenman, Youth and Education chairmanship

3.  Footsteps of Children Child Development Center, 342 8th Street NE – Donna Muhammad, Yvonne Steward

            4.  Capitol Hill Classic, May 20, 2012 – Mike Soderman

            5.  World Mission Society Church of God – Jeffrey Jakes

            6.  Thank yous

Grants Liaison (Commissioner Crews, chair)

            No business this month

Transportation and Public Space Committee (Joe McCann, chair)

            1.  Proposed changes along K Street NE – Comm. Goodman

            2.  1050 First Street NE, curb cuts on L Street NE – Trammell Crow

            3.  Sale of public alley behind 21 Seventh Street NE – David Gemcarelli

            4.  Stop signs at 6th and I Streets NE – Comm. Goodman

Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee (Rob Amos, chair)

1.  644 C Street NE, rear two-story addition – Nathan Darling

2.  616-640 New York Ave NW and 611-627 K Street NW, office and retail

 building  – Jeff Utz

3.  704 Third Street NW, modifications to existing building - John Epting

4.  1235 Fourth Street NW, single family home – Sergei Mikhailov

5. 2332, 1234, 1236 New Jersey Ave NW – raze request, Mayor’s Agent hearing

6.  Crucible update, 16 M Street NE – Comm Goodman

Alcohol Beverage Committee (Commissioner Wilsey, chair)  

            Hikari Sushi and Sake Bar – Edward Grandis    

Next Meeting


Meeting Adjournment

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