Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twelve Restaurant & Lounge (1123 H St) license renewed with significant restrictions

ANC6A and a group of nearby neighbors protested the renewal of the liquor license for Twelve Restaurant & Lounge (1123 H St) last year after a series of incidents and numerous complaints from nearby neighbors about the establishment and the owner was unwilling to negotiate a more restrictive agreement with the community.  ABRA has now renewed the license for Twelve, but has done so only with significant restrictions on its use.  Twelve is now required to hire a "reimburseable detail" of police officers any time the establishment "provides any entertainment permitted by the establishment's entertainment endorsement" (e.g., DJs, musical performers) and is barred from further use flyers to promote events and may not allow the use of flyers by any third-party promoters of events either. 

ANC6A Commissioners Adam Healy and Drew Ronneberg and former Commissioner Mary Beatty deserve credit for hard work they spent working with neighbors, the establishment, and ABRA, which resulted in the additional restrictions now in place.  Hopefully, they will help resolve the past complaints.


  1. What issues??? details pleas...

  2. Anon either doesn't read Frozen Tropics or is a troll.

    I'm betting on troll.

  3. no flyers? wow, that is a major way of promoting and pretty restrictive.

  4. I read this blog pop and frozen topics sorry I missed a thead, dbag! If your not going to answer the question then stfu.