Thursday, June 9, 2011

Toyland is closed. New restaurant opening later this summer w/lunch @ 421 H St

Toyland (421 H St) is now closed.  Toyland lost its managing partners -- Erin & Garrick -- at the end of last year and by many accounts has not been the same since.  It is now closed.  Toyland was a terrific neighborhood spot under its original leadership. Fortunately some of its best aspects -- Erin and other staff members -- can be found working at Queen Vic and elsewhere on H Street. 

In its place a new restaurant is slated to open later this summer.  The new restaurant comes from new owners (the building remains under the same ownership) and will be more of a restaurant and less of a bar than Toyland was.  Few other details are available about the planned restaurant, but we are able to say that it will serve lunch and it is going to be run by neighborhood residents.  The new restaurant purchased the licenses and inventory from Toyland, so it is more likely than many new businesses to open as scheduled.

The new restaurant will join soon to open Tru Orleans and opening before long Boundary Road and Le Grenier, along with Sidamo, Ethiopic, Capitol Hill Fine Wine & Spirits, Fitness Together Capitol Hill, Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill, Studio H, and Nouveau Fleur on a revitalized western end of H Street.


  1. Hey, what is UP with the frenchy joint by Tru Orleans? I haven't heard much about it. Tru Orleans has done a good job of keeping people interested, mainly by announcing their opening WAY too early, but I am excited and the 2nd floor looks awesome. Hopefully the food is taken seriously. Atlas room put the notch way up there.

  2. Looks like the new place is going to be called Big Board.

  3. Sorry this place closed, but the new place sounds like a great addition to the area. Thanks for keeping us updated!