Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Link roundup

The Hill Rag had a very favorable review of the Atlas Room (1015 H St) (allbeit one full of factual errors). (available in print, but not yet online).

DCMud noted the recent request for additional time before construction begins on the new development in the 600 block of H Street and suggests a soft middle on H Street between the Atlas / Entertainment District at the eastern end and the western portions where a variety of new businesses should open and a major development at 360 H St will break ground on a mixed use building that will host a grocery store a couple hundred residential units in the coming months. 

DC Mud also has this piece on a gorgeous 2 bedroom listing at Landmark Lofts.

DC Urban Turf has this piece on why the DC Housing market remains strong, noting that the single family home market on Capitol Hill -- particularly 3+ bedrooms in 20002 -- remains very strong and is up significantly over the past year.

Frozen Tropics has an update on the Pho restaurant coming to 1360 H St this fall.

The Washington Post had this terrific piece on Step Afrika who have several shows coming up at the Atlas Performing Arts Center June 15-26.

ArtVentures on H announced that the next ArtVentures on H Street walk and dine around H Street galleries and restaurants will be Thursday, June 30.  Save the date!

DDOT announced a public meeting to begin their Maryland Avenue Pedestrian Safety project this Saturday, June 11, at 10:30 a.m. at the Sherwood Recreation Center (640 10th St NE).  Saturday's going to be big day on H Street with the farmer's market starting at 9, H Street Bakes starting at 10, the Maryland Ave meeting at 10:30, the Atlas Room pig roast at Little Miss Whiskeys early that afternoon, another full day of Jazz Fest at Gallery O on H starting at 3, shuttles to and from the DC United home game that evening, and various good performances at the Atlas Theatre, H Street Playhouse, and other venues that night. 

DC Eater put together a pretty good list of 38 essential Washington restaurants.  H Street claimed three slots with Atlas Room, Ethiopic, and the Argonaut all making the cut.

Studio H (408 H St) announced that they're hosting a closing party for their current Pablo Ceviedes Mannequin exhibit this Thursday, from 6 - 9 pm. 

DC Council's redistricting committee appears to have a cut a deal to keep Rosedale & the parts of Capitol Hill east of 17th St, but west of the river within Ward 6.  The new map places Reservation 13 within Ward 7, but keeps Ward 6 residents west of the river in the same Ward, though it does not restore Kingman Park to Ward 6 as many -- namely residents of Kingman Park & Councilmember Tommy Wells had hoped.  The plan could still be amended before final passage, but seems to have relatively wide acceptance for the substitute amendment that is expected to be introduced by Councilmembers Michael Brown & Jack Evans tomorrow according to a post on Councilmember Wells' website.

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  1. heh, almost every article written in the hill rag is riddled with factual (and typographical) errors.