Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ethiopic gets a facade upgrade with new paint job & windows and celebrity guests follow

Ethiopic (401 H St) was awarded a facade grant and has been under contruction to past couple months, but the finished product is looking very good.  While Ethiopic does not own the building, we're thrilled to see such a nice upgrade in place for such nice business owners and H Street neighborhood residents. 

Ethiopic has also brought some high profile visitors to H Street with Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke both dining there in recent weeks.

For a reminder of what the building looked like before Ethiopic came along, check out the google earth image from a couple years ago after the jump.


  1. So happy to see this! They are such a great addition to the neighborhood.

  2. god i know this is nitpicking, but comic sans? :)

  3. @IMGoph,

    Unfortunately, it was only a facade grant and not a sign grant, but I bet they'd be happy to have your help applying for a sign grant and then you can help them select a more choice font. Surely you agree that the facade is much improved, right?

  4. H Street Great Street: Oh, heck yeah, it's a billion times better. As the smiley showed, I was kidding about the sign. I'm an admitted font snob, and comic sans is down there at the bottom of the barrel, but it's the food that counts in the end.