Thursday, March 24, 2011

Evolve Property Management's new H Street HQs is starting to look good!


  1. Probably spending more time on this than servicing their customers. We had to sign our lease twice because they messed it up. They are neglectful about servicing maintenance requests. No one at the company is even 40, as far as I can tell, and it shows in their priorities ("hip" ads, palatial rooftop deck at Pierce School, multimillion dollar new office).

    Meanwhile we paid over $320/month electricity in summer due to an undisclosed problem with our HVAC unit that they then refused to fix.

    They stink, and I wish they weren't buying everything up.

  2. They bought a condo building on E between Tennessee and 15th 2 years ago and have done NOTHING to it. It is a blight on the neighborhood. They don't maintain the outside or the back. At least spend 10 bucks and plant a flower or paint the peeling door.

  3. @10:53, if what you say is true, you might want to contact DCRA at or 442-4332 to request an inspection of the property.