Friday, March 11, 2011

8th Street closed at intersection with H Street this weekend

DDOT has the following announcement that 8th Street will be closed at the south side of its interesection with H Street this Saturday through Sunday morning while concrete base is laid across the intersection.  Buses will be rerouted along 6th & 10th Streets during that period.

South Side Of The 8th & H St Intersection Closed Saturday, March 12 & Sunday Morning, March 13
The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) plans to close the south side of the 8th Street intersection with H Street NE from 7:00 am Saturday, March 12, until 12:00 noon Sunday, March 13, weather permitting, to accommodate the placement of concrete base across the intersection.
The concrete will be placed on Saturday, and must cure until noon Sunday before the intersection can be re-opened to traffic.
During this period, the 90 and 92 Metrobuses will be detoured from their regular route and stops in the 700 block of 8th Street NE. At the 8th Street intersection with G Street, northbound buses will be re-routed west on G Street to 6th  Street, north on 6th  to H Street, east on H Street to 8th Street, and north on 8th Street to resume their normal route. The northbound buses will make a stop at the northeast corner of 8th and H Streets, instead of at the regular bus stop on 8th Street just south of H Street.
Southbound 90 and 92 buses will be detoured at K Street, where they will be re-routed to go east on K Street to 10th Street, south on 10th to G Street, and west on G to 8th Street where they will resume their normal route. During this period, the southbound buses will make a stop at the southeast corner of 10th and H Streets, instead of at their regular stop on 8th Street just south of H Street.
The detours for motorists are similar. Motorists traveling north on 8th Street, which is two-way, will be directed toward northbound 6th Street as the alternative. Southbound 8th Street motorists traveling toward H Street will be detoured at I Street and directed east on I Street to 10th, south on 10th, to G Street, and west on G to 8th Street.
The work is part of DDOT’s H Street Reconstruction Project. More information about the project is available on the DDOT on the DDOT website, at under the Ward 6 Projects Link,


  1. Does this have any implications for the X2?

  2. No, the road closure is for 8th St, so it affects routes that run down 8th, not the X2.