Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Link roundup (coming very soon: Church & State, Toki Underground, Queen Vic)

HSGS reported that Church & State (1236 H St) will open tonight at 7:30. 

WeLoveDC checks in with British Gatropub The Queen Vic (1206 H St) and reports that they are now planning for a late February opening date

CityStream tours ramen and dumplings hot spot Toki Underground (1234 H St).  Did you know that in addition to working at Sticky Rice and creating Taco Impala, Erik Yang also helped launch one of DC's most exciting restaurants in Kushi and is behind the menu, including the Pho Dog, at the U Street Music Hall

These three new businesses will join the recently-added Tacos Impala (1204 H St) and Smith Commons (1245 H St) as well as other popular spots like Souk (1208 H St), Red Palace (1210-1212 H St), Sticky Rice (1224 H St), the Pug (1234 H St), Fruit Bat (1236 H St), and Granville Moore's (1238 H St) on the 1200 block of H Street. 

THIH checked out our favorite H Street corridor art gallery -- City Gallery (804 H St).  Have you been by yet?

THIH also has a report from ANC6A Commissioner Sharee Lawler on the current polaroid exhibit that is on display at SOVA.  Stop by for coffee, drinks, lunch, dinner, or Thursday night bluegrass and take a look for yourself.

Brunch and the City approves of the new Saturday brunch at Granville Moore's, which she says will be available on Sundays as well starting in February.  Home frites, french fried toast sticks, eight types of bloody marys... yum.  We haven't tried it yet, but are looking forward to doing so soon.

HSGS rounded up the love for Smith Commons, which is not only drawing lots of online attention from foodies, H Street fans, and Capitol Hill types, but also was host to a fundraiser for DC's newest Councilmember who was joined by Mayor Vince Gray and Council Chair Kwame BrownRoll Call was there as well and says exceptional food and concept sets it apart (subscription required).
THIH's Jen DeMayo weighs in on the Atlas Room, which our recent visit confirmed continues to dish up the best meals on the greater Capitol Hill area.

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