Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Church & State (1236 H St) opens Tuesday, January 25

Church and State -- the latest cocktail emporium from Erik Holzherr -- opens its doors at 1236 H Street next week on Tuesday, January 25.  Church and State features classic American cocktails, such as manhattans, martinis, daquiris, mai tais made from all-American ingredients and others that are housemade, including vermouth and more.  Church and State will open above Fruit Bat and next door to Granville Moore's and the Pug.  For some pictures of the church-like aspects of the bar's decor and more details on its concept, check out this post from The Hill is Home.

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  1. I was a bit underwhelmed with Church and State when I visited for the soft opening on Saturday night. The decor is unique and the Pastor's Study and Confessional rooms, I expect will get weird.

    However, the cocktails I was being served were sub-par at best. They were out of a lot of the ingredients (as is custom during a soft opening), but the quality of drinks left a lot to be desired. Moreover, you can't say you "Specialize in American cocktails" and replace nearly all of the main ingredients with something else. If you read the menu closely you'll see they substitute classic ingredients throughout. For cocktail enthusiasts, this is a non-starter.