Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vince Gray attempts to cut Streetcar funding at the last minute

Per Greater Greater Washington.

It seems the Council Chair may not be serious about trying to get elected Mayor or thinks he can do so without support from Wards 5 and 6. This is a very bizarre move in that it comes at 2 am the morning of the Council vote and one that will hopefully be overturned, but that is underhanded and ill-advised. Politically it seems like a terrible move for Gray who just alienated an awful lot of voters who have been counting on the streetcars being funded for some time. Eliminating a popular project at the last minute in the dark of night does not seem to fit with his good, clean, transparent governing mantra. Tommy Wells, Harry Thomas, Kwame Brown, Mayor Fenty and others have all been strong supporters here and Gray has professed support previously, so maybe he will see the light and undo this.

Click here to contact the Council or call Vince Gray's office to let him know that he just lost your vote and that he should restore the funding at 202-724-8032.

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  1. Update from Tommy Wells office:

    The budget passed a prelimary vote without the streetcar funds. Tommy Wells and Jack Evans opposed it. Tommy Wells will offer an amendment to restore those funds later today prior to a vote on final passage of the budget.

    Contact Gray and all the other councilmembers to urge them to support that amendment.

    So far Jack Evans and Tommy Wells are on board. Hopefully Phil Graham and Kwame Brown will be too. Send emails to them all and call as many as you can.