Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Investment opportunities: buy a building, open a business, or develop on H Street

There are a number of opporunties out there currently for lease or sale in prime H Street locations. H Street is an obvious target for investment currently, but it is unclear how many property owners are serious about selling. Those who do not, run the risk of facing higher vacant property tax rates this fall.

As previously reported, 1309 H Street is available for lease and next door to the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

1318 H Street is available for lease as well. This building is directy across the street from the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

1337 H Street is for sale for $1.2 million. 7,902 SF
This building is conveniently located between Dangerously Delicious Pies and H Street Country Club

1351 H Street is also for sale at $950,000. 4,196 SF
This building is also well located between the Rock and Roll Hotel and the Star and the Shamrock.

The Granville Moore's building at 1238 H Street is available at $1.15 million.

1012 H Street is home to Spoiled and Rotten and listed at $1.3 million.

1421 H Street is available for a comparatively modest $629,000.

The lot at 904 H Street is for sale at $300,000. This is across from the H Street Connection which is preparing to undergo a remarkable transformation, so it could be a great spot to invest.


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