Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Link roundup

DCFoodies offers this preview of what should finally come Friday (DCRA permitting...) and The Hill Newspaper has another preview of Biergarten Haus.

Travel and Leisure highlights the new energy brewing on H Street, recommendings Taylor Gourmet, Industry Gallery, Granville Moore's, the Atlas Performing Arts Center, and Toyland for an DC walking tour along H Street.

Tommy Wells twitters that DC landed a $2 million federal grant to fund the building of a hybrid-powered streetcar for our coming streetcar lines by United Streetcar in Portland, OR. The battery-powered aspect of the new cars will be critical to the extension of the lines past Union Station and through downtown.

Continental's In Flight Magazine encourages DC visitors to "Feel the Vibe on H Street" touting Stick Rice, Palace of Wonders, Little Miss Whiskey's, H Street Country Club, Rock n Roll Hotel, and the Argonaut.

The Atlas Performing Arts Center announced a town hall meeting with the Washington Post "Voices of Style" on May 19, at 6 pm.

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